DIY Chic Lace Up Sandals

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Okay, time for the DIY tutorial!

My feet practically lives in Havaianas when it isn’t in work footwear aka. heels or flats. The thing is, flip flops should have the option to also look a little dressed up! So here’s my simple tutorial for a detachable laced up pair of sandals!

DIY Lace Up Sandals

What you need:

  • Slim Havaianas or other flip flops
  • Black cord
  • 4 big jumprings
  • 4 small jumprings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Step #1:

Take the black cord, tuck it under your feet with both sides. Try wrapping the cord around your leg so that you can determine how long you want it to be. Then, cut your desired length. You should have 4 separate black cords now!

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Step #2:

Make a small loop at the end of the cord. Take the small jumpring, wrap it around the loop and tighten with the flat nosed pliers.

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Step #3:

Take the big jumpring and put it through the loop.

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Step #4:

Repeat for the next 3 cords!

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Step #5:

Attach the jumprings to each Havaianas strap.

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Step #6:

Wrap the string in a criss-cross ‘X’ way and voila!

DIY Lace Up Sandals

In the event that you want to remove the cords, it is easily detachable! Enjoy your DIY Lace Up Sandals! x


DIY Embellished Sandals With Havaianas

Before I begin, no…this post was not endorsed by Havaianas even though I have been a fan and avid user of Havaianas since 2000 (*hint hint*). In fact, I love wearing Havaianas most of the time that I just don’t buy any other sandals. There are a few factors that makes Havaianas so great to wear. Firstly, it is comfortable as it is made from 100% rubber. It also dries quickly which is especially useful when one lives in a tropical country like Malaysia. Also now that we live in a world full of choices, these Havaianas come in a wide range of colours, designs and styles. One of my favorites to wear at the moment are the Freedom sandals, which is a thong-styled slingback strap sandal which allows for a lot of flexibility and security.

So I started wearing these Freedom Havaianas sandals to church a lot as they were a lot more presentable than wearing my normal Slim Havaianas, which made me look like I was heading to the beach. As embellished sandals are quickly cropping up the ladder of DIYs to do, I decided to do the same to my Freedom Havaianas and be a little more presentable on Sundays.

Read on to see how:

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

What you need:

  • “Freedom” Havaianas sandals or any thong-styled slingback strapped sandals
  • 6 small oval rhinestones, 4 medium-sized oval rhinestones, 2 medium-sized teardrop rhinestones
  • E6000 glue or any industrial strength glue
  • 2 toothpicks

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Use toothpicks to prop the thong-base up as the rhinestones may droop while the glue is setting.

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Dab some E6000 glue (or industrial strength glue) to the back setting of the rhinestone.

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Stick the small oval rhinestone in a vertical manner. Make sure you do not stick it too low as this would be in the way of your toes!

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Continue to stick 2 more small oval rhinestones.

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Then attach the medium-sized oval rhinestone vertically. I used a sky blue coloured rhinestone.

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Then attach the next medium-sized oval rhinestone vertically. I used cobalt blue as I wanted to create an ombre effect!

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Then attach a small oval rhinestone horizontally.

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Lastly, attach a medium-sized teardrop rhinestone at the top of the thong-styled strap!

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Repeat the same for the other sandal. Now let the glue set for 24 hours, all the while keeping the toothpick in place so that the strap would not droop and result in sliding rhinestones!

DIY Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Wear your easy DIY embellished sandals out! These definitely uplifted the look of my plain Freedom Havaianas, and it was so cheap to revamp as well. Enjoy! xx

Borneo Wear: Peterpan Collars and Sereni & Shentel

I’m not one who dresses up in cute tops (think Hello Kitty), so this floral peterpan collared top from Primark seems to be an exception in my wardrobe. Besides…the material is thin which is great for Borneo’s hot and humid weather.

Top: Primark; Shorts: Vintage

Peterpan collars are still on trend, though maybe slightly wavering a bit but since fashion over here on the equator lags slightly it should be okay 😉 I hope to do a DIY embellished collar soon and when I do I’ll post pictures up! Or…maybe I could start on this top. Hmm…

To tone down the ‘cuteness’ of the peterpan collar I teamed it with vintage jean shorts (mum’s hand-me-downs), and a casually slung bag across my body.

Flip Flops: Havaianas; Bag: Vintage; Headband: Sereni & Shentel x Anna Coroneo (gifted)

A pair of Havaianas is a staple in one’s wardrobe (even Christian Louboutin said so himself)! It’s comfortable, comes in a massive range of colours and styles, 100% rubber, and dries quickly! Perfect yet again for the monsoon season in Borneo 😉

To end this post, I’d like to introduce you to Sereni & Shentel! They are artisans making beautiful headbands, and they hail from Borneo too! ALL their headbands are lovingly handmade in Borneo. I own a few headbands myself and they are gorgeous 😀 This particular headband is a favourite of mine gifted by a good friend and kept me particularly company during my Bar studies in the UK 😉 The headband was a collaboration with artist designer Anna Coroneo who is an artist and her prints are made into fashion statement pieces! Do check them out 😀

Also…congratulations to President Barack Obama on his re-election! It was a tight race! Malaysians could learn a thing or two about American politics – that voting really does matter 😉 If you are Malaysian and are eligible to vote, please register! Voting is a citizen’s fundamental right so don’t pass up the chance.

Have a great week everyone! xx

Borneo Wear: The Bubble Daydress

It seems that lately I am wearing clothing that do not seem to agree with my bodyshape (petite with thunder thighs and hips). Yes, it’s the bubble dress.

What is a bubble dress you ask? Unlike a puffy-Cinderalla dress where the skirt flows outwards creating an hourglass silhouette, a bubble hemmed dress means that the bottom flows inwards. Hardly flattering if you don’t happen to have “chicken legs” as my Angolan friend put it once.

As usual, my reason for wearing such a thing is because I’ve never worn it once finding out it had a bubble hem and I felt bad for it. Closet guilt (sigh). Well, the other reason is that I have been working out and wanted to try wearing the clothes I’ve avoided in my closet before I gain again. Hehehe.

Dress: ASOS; Flip Flops: Havaianas

The dress is actually very comfortable (100% cotton) and pretty airy for a dress with a thick bubble hem. I also like the big pockets on the side of the dress in which I put my phone, wallet and keys in! What can I say? I like a convenient dress! 😀

The only problem I had with the dress besides the bubble hem was that I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments walking in town. A few panty flashings probably made passing male drivers quite happy. Maybe.

“XO” necklace & “ATHENA” necklace gifted by Designs by FaraM

In this humid heat, it can be difficult to accessorise too much so I kept it simple by layering my necklaces which was gifted by my fashionista designer friend of Designs by FaraM 😀 You can also find the designer at her wordpress blog here!

Have a great start to the week everyone! xx

Borneo Wear: The Maxi Dress

Borneo has only 2 seasons a year: Summer (dry season) and Monsoon (wet season). Currently here in Borneo we are experiencing the monsoon season and it’s pouring like mad outside now. While I was in the UK there was never such a thing as the triple combo: lightning-thunder-rainstorm; here in Borneo it’s a constant reminder how crazy the monsoon seasons can get.

Fortunately at the moment during the day, it’s still sunny! The maxi dress makes an appearance.

Maxi dress:; Bag: 13″ Cambridge Satchel in Cobalt Blue; Flip Flops: Havaianas in Peacock

I normally avoid figure-hugging maxi dresses because it always seems to emphasize on my native hips and thighs (yes, can you see it?!). For someone barely 5′ 2″, a tight maxi dress is not what suits my shape. I prefer grecian styled ones which are more flattering.

The only reason why I wore this particular maxi dress is because I had it in my closet for 2 years (not worn because I only realised it was figure hugging later on) and I felt sorry for it… (no, really). Well, okay, maybe because I have been working out lately and have been feeling more toned than when I first got back home. This means less muffin top! I’ll always have issues with my hips and thunder thighs (genetic tribal genes) so the only way to make it less obvious is by working out and eating properly 😉

Besides, this maxi dress isn’t all too constricting and trapping heat so if it works for this hot climate, why not?

P.S: If you’re wondering about that painting on the floor, it’s of my mum! 😀 Unfortunately I didn’t inherit her slim build and wavy hair. My brothers did 😦

TGIF have a great one everyone! xx

How To Update Your Mum’s Clothing…Or Not: Jean Shorts

I am the only girl among my brothers, so naturally while I was growing up my mum passed down her belongings she thought I’d like. I normally don’t agree with her choice of clothing (she prefers what I wear now which means stealing my style…) but lately I have been finding ways to update some of the hand-me-downs. Some are vintage, some are new.

This pair of jean shorts my mum gave me is high-waisted in a non-fashionable way, and it has a weird bum – like it looks like I have a perpetual wedgie. I’d never wear it but it was the closest reach in the closet so I decided that I’d update it. Add a bit of aztec print and a chic necklace and well…pretty ok to wear out!

So what do you think? Update pass? 😉

I wasn’t kidding about matching my Havaianas with my outfits… they’re a staple in my wardrobe!

Have you liked anything your mum/aunty/grandma has passed down to you? If yes, how did you blend it in with your stlye? Let me know I’d love to know! 😀

What To Wear In Sunny Borneo?

As we have summer all year long, one has to cope with the heat and humidity first before being able to be adventurous with clothing. That is why my staple back home is usually the same. Tank top, shorts & flip flops is all you need if you live here. Seriously.

Top: Primark; Shorts: Bershka; Sunglasses: Le Specs

I have been liking all these animal tees lately but the prices never justify me buying them so I bought this top from Primark for only £5 a while ago. The only downside of the top is that the print is not compact enough and therefore the eyes are so far apart they almost disappear from first glance. Also, I look like I’ve a big belly 😦

I also have my favourite satchels with me here at home and this is the 13-inch limited edition Cambridge Satchel in Cobalt Blue I purchased for a good cause which was the anti-bullying campaign. Even though lately I have been favouring my 11-inch satchel, I cannot complain with the extra space the 13-inch gives me when I need to stuff more things in it.

Lastly, flip flops. I am a sucker for Havaianas flip flops and have grown up in them since I discovered them in Australia when I was 12. Comfortable, lasting and it dries quickly (which is great during the rainy weather)!

It is currently raining heavily here with thunder and lightning. Somehow internet is moving faster too. Hmmm…

I hope everyone is doing well in the mid-week! 😀