DIY Collaboration: Statement Necklace

A while ago, fellow DIY blogger Shania of LoveMeyeArt got in touch to collaborate on a DIY project. It was a lot of fun seeing what we both would come up with with one simple piece: chain.

We both decided to DIY statement necklaces using chain, and here’s what we both came up with! For me, I decided on using big pearls and tassels to create my statement necklace. Below you will see Shania’s DIY version of a statement necklace!

Read on, and maybe let me know what sort of other DIY collaborations should be done!

Cinnamon Spring DIY Statement Necklace 

What you need:

  • Gold chunky chain
  • Various sized pearls (I used 10mm and 20mm)
  • Flat end headpins
  • Bead caps
  • Tassels
  • Jumprings
  • Pliers (flat-nose and round-nose)

Step #1:

Slide the flat end headpin through 1 bead cap, and then slip it through the pearl. Using your round-nose pliers, make a loop at the other end and secure.  Attach the jumpring to the loop you have just made as pictured above.

Step #2:

Attach the pearl to the chain (with the help of the jumpring)

Step #3:

Repeat with the other pearls, and attach them on alternate chain links,  for example big pearl-small pearl-big pearl (as pictured above)


Step #4:

Trim the tassels to your liking, I wanted them short!

Step #5:

Attach the jumpring to the tassel

Step #6:

Using the pliers, attach the tassels to the chain in between the small and big pearls.


Voila! You now have a statement chain pearl and tassel necklace!


It is a very simple DIY, so I hope you enjoy making it!


Thanks for reading!

x Cinnamon Spring x


LoveMeyeArt‘s version of a DIY Statement Necklace:

photo 1

Shania’s inspiration was to make this choker chain necklace which is surprisingly easy to make! Here’s what you need:


Step # 1:

Gather all your supplies!



Step #2:

Place your choker around your neck, or if you’re using a larger chain, place it around your neck. Determine how much chain you’ll need for your longest (middle) tassel by measuring the distance from the choker (or larger chain) to about 2 inches below your belly button. My middle tassel is 19 inches.


Step #3:

Separate your chain into individual tassel pieces so that they form a triangular pattern. Each tassel should end about 2 inches before the tassel preceding it. For example, the first (middle tassel) is 19 inches, so the next tassel should be about 17 inches, and the tassel after that  should be about 15 inches, and so forth. In total, you should have a total of 17 tassels; 8 tassels on the left and the right side of the longest tassel.


 Step #4:

Your pattern should look like the above.


Step #5:

Place a jump ring at the end of each tassel, and a bead at the start and end of the tassel pattern (see step 2) and in between each tassel. Placing the beads in between the tassels will help to keep the tassels in place. Next, if you’re using a choker, slide the tassels and the beads onto the choker.

If you’re using a larger chain instead of a choker, place the chain around your neck and determine where the middle link is. Attach your tassels to the chain links by first starting with the middle tassel, which should be connected to the middle link of the chain.

Note: If you use a larger chain rather than a choker, the beads are optional.

Final step for those using a large chain: Place a lobster clasp on one end of the large chain, and a jump ring on the other end of the large chain, and you’re finished! Yayy!


Step #6:

The final step for those using a choker: Place a jump ring (on the choker)  before the first bead and before the last bead to prevent your tassels and beads from sliding around when you’re wearing your choker . Use flat nose pliers to flatten and tighten the jump rings on the choker. If your jump rings aren’t tight enough after they’ve been flattened, you can use glue for reinforcement.


Voila! Finally, you’re done! wohoo! Your choker should look like the above.

 Thanks for reading!

x Shania x


Featured: Cut Out + Keep’s ‘DIY Fashionista’

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time celebrating, whether it was big or not 😀 My new year started off well with me being featured on Cut Out + Keep which is a massive DIY international social site! One of the founders Cat Morley (who has done some 438 DIY projects!) approached the blog a while back to do an interview with them and to showcase some of my DIYs. In the article I talked about fashion, style and…DIY! I have two DIYs in the article which I hope you enjoy 😀 You can read the full article here. Thank you Cat for the lovely opportunity!

CO+K DIY Fashionista: Saran

CO+K DIY Fashionista: Saran

The DIY studded & frayed shorts is an updated (I added rivet studs) version from one of my previous DIYs and you can view the full tutorial I made here. In the second DIY, I had these spare rings found in a vintage shop (taken apart from a massive necklace) and so I made a sort of bib/statement necklace – super easy to do! You can view the full tutorial here 😀

If you’re a budding DIY-er or would love to get more ideas on DIY, give Cut Out + Keep a look! Most tutorials you find are really quite easy – and there is so much talent out there!

I am currently away from Borneo in the capital city and had my first job interview with a prestigious firm today…and got offered a job for pupillage!!!! 😀 Ahhh God is great! 😀