DIY Collaboration: Statement Necklace

A while ago, fellow DIY blogger Shania of LoveMeyeArt got in touch to collaborate on a DIY project. It was a lot of fun seeing what we both would come up with with one simple piece: chain.

We both decided to DIY statement necklaces using chain, and here’s what we both came up with! For me, I decided on using big pearls and tassels to create my statement necklace. Below you will see Shania’s DIY version of a statement necklace!

Read on, and maybe let me know what sort of other DIY collaborations should be done!

Cinnamon Spring DIY Statement Necklace 

What you need:

  • Gold chunky chain
  • Various sized pearls (I used 10mm and 20mm)
  • Flat end headpins
  • Bead caps
  • Tassels
  • Jumprings
  • Pliers (flat-nose and round-nose)

Step #1:

Slide the flat end headpin through 1 bead cap, and then slip it through the pearl. Using your round-nose pliers, make a loop at the other end and secure.  Attach the jumpring to the loop you have just made as pictured above.

Step #2:

Attach the pearl to the chain (with the help of the jumpring)

Step #3:

Repeat with the other pearls, and attach them on alternate chain links,  for example big pearl-small pearl-big pearl (as pictured above)


Step #4:

Trim the tassels to your liking, I wanted them short!

Step #5:

Attach the jumpring to the tassel

Step #6:

Using the pliers, attach the tassels to the chain in between the small and big pearls.


Voila! You now have a statement chain pearl and tassel necklace!


It is a very simple DIY, so I hope you enjoy making it!


Thanks for reading!

x Cinnamon Spring x


LoveMeyeArt‘s version of a DIY Statement Necklace:

photo 1

Shania’s inspiration was to make this choker chain necklace which is surprisingly easy to make! Here’s what you need:


Step # 1:

Gather all your supplies!



Step #2:

Place your choker around your neck, or if you’re using a larger chain, place it around your neck. Determine how much chain you’ll need for your longest (middle) tassel by measuring the distance from the choker (or larger chain) to about 2 inches below your belly button. My middle tassel is 19 inches.


Step #3:

Separate your chain into individual tassel pieces so that they form a triangular pattern. Each tassel should end about 2 inches before the tassel preceding it. For example, the first (middle tassel) is 19 inches, so the next tassel should be about 17 inches, and the tassel after that  should be about 15 inches, and so forth. In total, you should have a total of 17 tassels; 8 tassels on the left and the right side of the longest tassel.


 Step #4:

Your pattern should look like the above.


Step #5:

Place a jump ring at the end of each tassel, and a bead at the start and end of the tassel pattern (see step 2) and in between each tassel. Placing the beads in between the tassels will help to keep the tassels in place. Next, if you’re using a choker, slide the tassels and the beads onto the choker.

If you’re using a larger chain instead of a choker, place the chain around your neck and determine where the middle link is. Attach your tassels to the chain links by first starting with the middle tassel, which should be connected to the middle link of the chain.

Note: If you use a larger chain rather than a choker, the beads are optional.

Final step for those using a large chain: Place a lobster clasp on one end of the large chain, and a jump ring on the other end of the large chain, and you’re finished! Yayy!


Step #6:

The final step for those using a choker: Place a jump ring (on the choker)  before the first bead and before the last bead to prevent your tassels and beads from sliding around when you’re wearing your choker . Use flat nose pliers to flatten and tighten the jump rings on the choker. If your jump rings aren’t tight enough after they’ve been flattened, you can use glue for reinforcement.


Voila! Finally, you’re done! wohoo! Your choker should look like the above.

 Thanks for reading!

x Shania x


DIY Pearl & Stud Necklace

So I actually made this necklace last November for an event in Bangkok, but never got round to making a tutorial from it. Pearl necklaces have been around for ages now, and made bigger (literally) by Chanel’s Spring 2014 collection. However, to rock or glam up these safe pearl necklaces, studs and even safety pins (like Tom Binns) have been added to give the pearls an edgier look.

I decided to create my easy DIY tutorial , which took only 10 minutes to make! Read on:

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

What you need:

  • 34 pearls
  • 18 spiked cone beads
  • Clear beading string (non-stretchable)
  • 1 lobster clasp
  • 2 end clasps
  • 2 jumprings
  • 2 small crimp beads
  • flat-nosed pliers
  • scissors

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #1:

Don’t cut the string yet! Just start threading the beads. I started with 1 spiked cone stud followed by 2 pearls. Repeat until you have threaded it all.

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #2:

Once all the beads have been threaded through the beading string, cut the string. Leave a little bit of string at both ends in case of slight mistakes.

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #3:

Slide a small crimp bead onto one end of the string. I didn’t have any smaller crimp beads so made do with the one shown.

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #4:

Use the pliers to crimp the crimp bead! This is to ensure to stop the end of the string. Do the same for the other end.

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #5:

Take the end clasp and put it next to the crimped end. Use the pliers to fold the end clasp inwards on top of the string! Cut the leftover string.

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #6:

Attach a jumpring to the end clasp.

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Step #7:

On the other end of the string, do the same by attaching a jumpring as well. Then attach the lobster clasp to it. You’re done!

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

DIY: Studs & Pearl Necklace

Voila! Rock out in your pearl & stud necklace! x

DIY Summer Tassel Necklace

Recently I was inspired by some bohemian tassel long necklaces, perfect to match with a casual outfit or when on a seaside vacation (I really want one!).

Plus one of the great things about long necklaces is that you just have to slip it over your head and voila! All ready to go.
Here is a basic tutorial on how to make a summer beaded tassel necklace:What you need:
– Beads, it can all be varying sizes. Choose a palette of colours, then mix and match!
– Tassels
– Gold/silver beads
– Rhinestones
– Jewellery/beading string (non-stretchable)
– Crimp beads
– Flat-nose pliers

1. Pick your beads! Sort out a pattern. For example, 10 white beads, 1 gold bead, 3 blue beads, 3 yellow beads, 3 blue beads, 5 white beads, 1 gold bead, 1 tassel, 1 gold bead, etc.

2. Once you have decided on your pattern, start beading through the jewellery string. Add the tassels when needed. Constantly check your work in the mirror – the length should be fitting to your torso size. A great length is when the necklace just stops below your bust 🙂

3. Use the same pattern on the other side of the necklace, and at the end of the necklace snip off the jewellery string and knot it.

4. Take a crimp bead and bead it through the end bit of the knot. Use your plier to crimp it into place so that your knot will be secured! You’re done!Voila! You’ve got your summer beaded tassel necklace! Experiment with styles and enjoy! x

DIY Leather Fringe & Rhinestone Necklace

The thing about inspiration is that you won’t know when it will happen. It could be something you see, hear or touch.

Lately I have been wanting to work with leather accessories again. Big pieces of (good) leather that I can work with is however difficult to find in Kuala Lumpur.

Since I still have some leather, I decided to make a fringe pendant with a rhinestone pattern. Here’s the how to:What you need:
– A piece of leather
– Stanley knife
– Various rhinestones
– Hole-puncher
– Grommet tool
– Jumprings & pliers
– Chain
– Glue

Step #1:

Cut a box shape, and then make one end into a “V” shape.

Step #2:

Start cutting lines on the “V” shape, to make a fringe.Step #3:

Use the hole-puncher and punch holes on the other end of the leather pendant. Add the grommets according to instructions and punch using the grommet tool to keep it in place.Step #4:

Glue the rhinestones in whatever design you would like, above the fringing. Let it set for a few hours.Step #5:

Use pliers to add jumprings to both grommet holes. Then, attach the chain to both ends. Length of chain is based on your own liking. Voila! A leather fringe & rhinestone necklace. Have fun! x

DIY: Add Texture To Your Necklace with Studs & Rhinestones

It has been a while since I last posted a ‘Project Revamp’ post, as most things I now make from scratch! However, revamping things was what really got me started in DIY-ing. I love looking out for old pieces of trinkets, and figuring out ways to update its look to suit my taste.

I was at the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival (KLVF) a few weeks ago and scored some cheap accessories – though I only bought them because I had ideas of adding my DIY touch to it!

This revamp I’ll be showing you is simple – all you need is a little patience and steady hands! I wanted to add a little more depth and texture to a plain triangular necklace – the idea was to give a rougher look to it and one of the ways to achieve that was to add spiky stuff! It’s true…I am still loving my studs!

Let’s start!What you need:

1. A plain necklace with a flat surface pendant, alternatively you can make your own too!
2. Small pine cone studs
3. Small teardrop rhinestones
4. Medium-sized oval rhinestones
5. Industrial strength glueSteps:

Before you start attaching the studs & rhinestones on, do a trial first and take a picture of it. Once you are satisfied with the look, start glueing the pieces on!

Place the glue on the flat surface of the pendant(s) and then attach the stud/rhinestones. I decided to attach a stud in the middle first before working my way inwards.TIP: To create a textural/rough look, attach the teardrop rhinestones in alternating directions.Now let the glue set for a good 24 hours before wearing it out!

After it’s set, wear out your DIY revamped necklace and enjoy! x

DIY: Michael Kors Leather Nugget Pendant Necklace

Michael Kors Leather Nugget Pendant necklace

I first saw this Michael Kors necklace in a magazine, thought it was quite cute until I saw the price: RM899.00 or $195.00! Eek! How ridiculous is that?! Sure, there’s a nugget but it’s not even a pure gold nugget. It’s just a golden brass nugget which really, is just a substitute for the real thing. Sure if I had all the money in the world I just might get it. However, I don’t…and I won’t.

So here’s my less than $5 DIY for the same look:

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

As I didn’t know it was leather, I used faux suede. If you do use leather, use a flat strip with a very small width. Also, leather has a better grip in holding things together than faux suede so use that instead!

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Here’s what you need:

  • Flat leather strip / faux suede
  • Stones that have sharp ends
  • Gold paint / gold spray paint
  • 2 gold crimping beads
  • 1 flat nose plier
  • Paper to avoid staining any surface you work on

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

As I didn’t have gold spray paint on hand, I used gold paint which I used during my high school days many years ago! I was very surprised it was still working well! Make sure you are working on a piece of paper to avoid staining any surfaces you may be working on 😀

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Here I painted 3 different shapes of stones, I used the middle stone. I found these stones in my backyard back in Borneo. Make sure you know the difference between concrete and stone. Concrete stones actually break very easily! Paint one side of the stone and let it dry before painting the other side of the stone.

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Once the painted stone is dry, make a loop around the stone and tie it!

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Take one crimp bead and attach to one end. Take your pliers and crimp it! Do the same for the other end of the string.

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Voila! You now have a Michael Kors-inspired leather nugget pendant necklace!

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Michael Kors-inspired DIY necklace; ‘ XO’ necklace gifted by Designs by FaraM; Bodycon dress: Primark

Have fun with this easy DIY – even a child could attempt this! Now if you’ll excuse me….I’m going to rock my DIY 😀

Borneo Wear: Daytime All Black Outfit

Here’s another rendition of how to dress for Borneo weather (hot & humid). Specifically I live in the state of Sarawak (which is part of Malaysia) on the island of Borneo. If you’re wondering if maybe the state houses Kuala Lumpur (KL) which is the capital of Malaysia…well, it doesn’t because KL is in Peninsular Malaysia and is separated from Borneo island by sea.

A little geography lesson since most of my readers come from the USA and Europe 😀 Peninsular Malaysia is connected to Thailand. Where I live is on Borneo island, which houses 2 other countries besides Malaysia: Brunei & Indonesia. If you ever plan to drop by South East Asia, let me know 😉

So you now know I live on the equator which means we don’t have 4 seasons! We basically have Summer all year long, though we do have monsoon seasons too (heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc.) 😀 Now there’s this rule that black/dark things trap heat, which is why in hotter countries people tend to wear lighter or more colourful clothing as it does not absorb as much heat as dark colours. However, dark colours also tend to give the illusion of a slimmer body!

Right. So I want to look “slim” AND still keep cool. How about this casual daytime look:

Top: Chatuchak Market from Thailand; Shorts: H&M; Necklace: DIY here

It seems like I played cheat by showing more skin! I’m not too sure if it makes me look any slimmer but I’d take “cooler” any day…  😉

I know it’s getting colder over in the Western countries so I hope you’re all keeping warm and not wearing shorts like me 😀 Have a great weekened everyone! xx