DIY Embellished Gem Sunglasses

Embellished sunglasses have been taking the fashion world by storm for a while now, and I, for one, love a little quirk or funk on my sunglasses! Perfect for summertime, perfect for those living on the equator. This is my second tutorial on embellished sunglasses, you can read the first one here!

Read on my simple tutorial which you can do in less than 15 minutes. This is my own variation, feel free to try your own!

What you need:

– A pair of sunglasses (I bought my mirror sunglasses from Forever 21)
– Various shaped rhinestones (with settings)
– E6000 glue
– toothpick (optional)

Step #1:

Make sure you are in a well ventilated area as you want to avoid inhaling the E6000 fumes! Dab some glue on the back of the rhinestones.

Step #2:

I started with a teadrop rhinestone and stuck it in the middle of the sunglasses. This is to ensure symmetry.

Step #3:

I then dabbed glue on the backs of 2 oval shaped purple rhinestones, and placed it next to the teardrop rhinestone in the middle.

Step #4:

I then filled the gaps with smaller rhinestones.

Step #5:

Then place the small oval rhinestones along the top rim of the sunglasses.

Step #6:

Then to add some pizzaz, I placed two different coloured rhinestones at each end to frame it nicely. Let the glue set for 24 hours and you’re done!

Voila! Rock your embellished sunglasses out x


DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

So I know that the right pair of sunglasses never fails to make one look good.

But do you know what makes one look even more awesome-er?

Embellished sunglasses. Like the amazing A-Morir embellished sunglasses like this (roses), this (embellished cat eye), this (chain trim) and below:

A-Morir embellished sunglasses A-Morir embellished sunglasses 2Yep. Okay, well it looks a little OTT (over-the-top) for an everyday look but still.very.fabulous.

It’s been a while that I have been wanting to DIY my own embellished sunglasses but my superglue always dries up (even when I follow instructions to avoid this) that whenever I plan to make something I can’t!

However, I finally got some a week or two back and hey, now I have embellished sunglasses! It’s really easy to do, it only took me 20 minutes to make this 😀 Here’s my easy tutorial:

DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

What you need:

  • Sunglasses, preferably one that has a wayfarer (like above) or a cat eye frame.
  • Superglue
  • Bead string in gold
  • Rhinestone string in gold
  • Gold tubes
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper (to place the glue on)

DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

Step 1:

Trace the bead string along the top of the frame. I decided to use a bead string because well, it was all I had at the time and it saves you the trouble of sticking beads one by one! Once you’ve traced the length of the frame, cut it. Do the same for the rhinestone string.

Step 2:

Pour a dab of superglue onto your scrap paper. Use a toothpick, dab it into the glue and slowly dab the glue onto the frame. Quickly stick the bead string onto the glue and hold it there to let the glue do its thing!

Step 3:

Follow the frame of the sunglasses, every curve!

DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

Step 4:

Do the same for the string of rhinestones! Once you are done it should look like the above. You’re nearly done! If you like it subtle, then just leave it as it is to dry. I for one, wanted to end it properly so…

DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

Step 5:

…stick on a gold tube or two below the embellishment! Now you’re done 😀

How simple and easy was that? I am loving my DIY embellished sunglasses – especially so in this hot, sunny weather! are you embellishing yours? With flowers, pearls, fur? I’d love to see 😀

P.S: Yes, that’s my in-your-face-take-a-look-at-my-awesome-embellished-sunglasses GIF. Oops, can’t help it! x