DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

I’ve had this tutorial in my phone for a few months but it must’ve slipped my eyes to post this up! Here I wanted to make drop earrings using one of my current favourite items: rhinestones!

Do read below for the DIY tutorial:

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

What you need:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat noise pliers
  • Pliers that can cut wire / scissors
  • 8 oval rhinestones
  • 4 headpins
  • 4 small round beads
  • 2 jumprings
  • 2 earring hooks

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #1:

Thread one headpin through one end of the rhinestone.

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #2:

Thread a second headpin through the other hole on the rhinestone backing.

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #3:

Thread the remaining 3 other rhinestones through the 2 headpins.

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #4:

Use the flat nosed pliers and make a 90 degree twist inwards.

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #5:

Use your round nosed pliers to make a loop at the ends. If the headpin is too long, snip the extra bits off!

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #6:

The rhinestones should like the above now.

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #7:

Attach a jumpring through the loops you’ve made. Here I’ve added beads to fill up the spaces in between as well!

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Step #8:

Slip the earring hook through the jumpring before closing the jumpring.

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Voila! Try making gemstone drop earrings in other various colourways! Enjoy! x


DIY Summer Tassel Necklace

Recently I was inspired by some bohemian tassel long necklaces, perfect to match with a casual outfit or when on a seaside vacation (I really want one!).

Plus one of the great things about long necklaces is that you just have to slip it over your head and voila! All ready to go.
Here is a basic tutorial on how to make a summer beaded tassel necklace:What you need:
– Beads, it can all be varying sizes. Choose a palette of colours, then mix and match!
– Tassels
– Gold/silver beads
– Rhinestones
– Jewellery/beading string (non-stretchable)
– Crimp beads
– Flat-nose pliers

1. Pick your beads! Sort out a pattern. For example, 10 white beads, 1 gold bead, 3 blue beads, 3 yellow beads, 3 blue beads, 5 white beads, 1 gold bead, 1 tassel, 1 gold bead, etc.

2. Once you have decided on your pattern, start beading through the jewellery string. Add the tassels when needed. Constantly check your work in the mirror – the length should be fitting to your torso size. A great length is when the necklace just stops below your bust 🙂

3. Use the same pattern on the other side of the necklace, and at the end of the necklace snip off the jewellery string and knot it.

4. Take a crimp bead and bead it through the end bit of the knot. Use your plier to crimp it into place so that your knot will be secured! You’re done!Voila! You’ve got your summer beaded tassel necklace! Experiment with styles and enjoy! x

HOW TO: DIY Statement Necklace

One thing about living in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, is that there is always something going on every week! Be it a new cafe, a comedy show or weekend markets one doesn’t run out of things to do. I normally check out happenings in KL from Time Out KL which is a great guide.

Last week was the Markets at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya which had a vast range of goodies sold there such as homebaked cakes, clothes (even a clothes swap!) to kitschy cool gadgets. I picked up some temporary tattoos (reliving my childhood!), and some jewellery pieces which I wanted to revamp.

Some weeks ago I was at another market in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar and there was this stall selling handmade scarves made by Cambodian women. They were also selling these beautiful ‘handmade’ braided necklaces (strips of cloth from the scarves) with embellishments. Prices? Around RM450 (£90) and going as high as RM650 (£130) which was  fine (although a little steep), noting how unique the necklaces were and that they were handmade.

However upon further inspection, I noticed that the embellishments/pendants attached to the braided necklaces were in fact, bits and pieces from cheap (mass produced) necklaces that are sold on eBay and some I have seen in Platinum Mall (wholesale mall) Bangkok last year. Fully handmade?! I was appalled. The prices of the pieces immediately turned me off. When I asked the lady manning the counter about the necklaces in general noting its uniqueness, she answered, “Oh, we give our in-house designer full freedom on what to design!” Maybe someone ought to tell the designer that ripping off other necklaces, attaching it on a braid made from strips of cloth and then branding it as “handmade” does not justify its ridiculous pricing!

To prove my point that it does not in actual fact cost a lot to “revamp” a necklace to become a statement necklace, I found the exact turquoise necklace (shown below) which was ripped off and put onto the braided necklace (which was then sold for RM450). The market at Jaya One was selling it for RM29. I even saw the same necklace in Platinum Mall (a wholesale mall) in Bangkok last November which was cheaper. Want to know the full cost of revamping this statement necklace below? Less than RM40! And this is with a chunky chain, not braiding from strips of cloth – which in my opinion is not at all that expensive if you choose cheaper cloth.

This DIY tutorial in making a statement necklace is easy and easily done with other necklaces as well:

DIY Statement Necklace What you need:

  • Necklace with a statement pendant (just visit your local markets!) – apparently they sell these exact necklaces in H&M (RM49.90). Try Ebay, for cheaper!
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Jump rings

DIY Statement Necklace

Step #1: Use your pliers to detach the statement pendant from its chain.
DIY Statement Necklace

Step #2: Attach the statement pendant to your desired chain using jumprings. Make sure you hold the necklace up each time to check that both parts flow properly. TIP: Attach the necklaces in a curved manner and not in a straight line!
DIY Statement Necklace

And voila! You’ve got yourself a statement necklace! Remember, don’t say “fully handmade” when it really wasn’t. Just say “revamp”.
DIY Statement NecklaceGo on, go and enjoy your revamped DIY statement necklace! x

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DIY: Add Texture To Your Necklace with Studs & Rhinestones

It has been a while since I last posted a ‘Project Revamp’ post, as most things I now make from scratch! However, revamping things was what really got me started in DIY-ing. I love looking out for old pieces of trinkets, and figuring out ways to update its look to suit my taste.

I was at the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival (KLVF) a few weeks ago and scored some cheap accessories – though I only bought them because I had ideas of adding my DIY touch to it!

This revamp I’ll be showing you is simple – all you need is a little patience and steady hands! I wanted to add a little more depth and texture to a plain triangular necklace – the idea was to give a rougher look to it and one of the ways to achieve that was to add spiky stuff! It’s true…I am still loving my studs!

Let’s start!What you need:

1. A plain necklace with a flat surface pendant, alternatively you can make your own too!
2. Small pine cone studs
3. Small teardrop rhinestones
4. Medium-sized oval rhinestones
5. Industrial strength glueSteps:

Before you start attaching the studs & rhinestones on, do a trial first and take a picture of it. Once you are satisfied with the look, start glueing the pieces on!

Place the glue on the flat surface of the pendant(s) and then attach the stud/rhinestones. I decided to attach a stud in the middle first before working my way inwards.TIP: To create a textural/rough look, attach the teardrop rhinestones in alternating directions.Now let the glue set for a good 24 hours before wearing it out!

After it’s set, wear out your DIY revamped necklace and enjoy! x

DIY: Pyramid Stud Earrings

A very blessed Christmas! I hope you had a great one! Christmas is really a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth into this world. Jesus taught many about love, forgiveness and peace. When Jesus truly came into my life, my life changed. I had more joy, more peace…of course not without my own challenges. My burdens were no longer mine alone, but borne by Jesus also, thus making the load lighter.

Christmas is always a time to reflect, and I thank God for the blessings he’s showered upon me this year. I also want to thank you for reading this blog, if you have been following me! 🙂

I was clearing up photos in my phone today and chanced upon a number of DIYs. So here’s one reallllly simple one I made a few months back. There’s very little that you need to make pyramid stud earrings and they are super easy to make once you have the necessary things! Let’s start!

P.S: I am trying this Tiny Desk app from my phone so if the wording/format comes out wonky…let me know!What you need:

1. Pyramid studs
2. Flat earring studs
3. Flat-nose pliers (or your fingers will do)Steps:

1. Place pyramid stud over the flat bit of the earring stud.
2. Using the pliers, clamp down the pyramid stud’s ‘claws’!3. Once clamped down, the earrings will look like the above!You now have pyramid stud earrings hurray! How simple was that?! Enjoy! 🙂

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Writing one post a month after starting work is an achievement in itself, but two?

Now that’s something 😀

I have just been a little more disciplined, and making sure I chart most steps (thank you iPhone 5!) making it easier for me to do the tutorials. I rarely make the same thing twice – mostly hoping that I nail it the first time. Of course that doesn’t happen every time but when it does…


I’ve always loved rings, especially big statement rings (like House of Harlow 1960’s Sunburst ring) but who said you can’t go small too? Delicate or petite rings have been around forever, but the trend of stacking delicate rings on different lengths of your finger is on the rise. Here’s my take on it:

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

DIY delicate rings; Lovisa rings; H&M Aztec Neon top; The Cambridge Satchel Company 11″ silver metallic leather satchel

I wanted to try making my own delicate rings so here’s a reallllly easy DIY:

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

What you need:

  • Pliers: Round nose & Flat nose
  • Gold wire (mine had a 0.50mm width)
  • Small gold beads
  • Small gold tubes
  • Scissors

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Step #1:

Wrap the wire around desired finger, and cut it according to the length you are happy with.

Slot the beads through it!

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Do the same with the gold tubes. I stacked 3 tubes for this ring.

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Step #2:

Cross the ends of the wire like above with your pliers.

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Step #3:

Fold one end over, and wrap it around and around and around- okay you get it! 😀

Do the same for the other end!

And….that’s it! Play around with other materials and styles, ideas are endless of what you can do with some humble wire (provided you are not allergic to it…).

I took my rings (I made a total of 5 rings) for a test run the whole day at work (I work in a law firm) and these babies did not slip off my finger at all! I also loved how light they felt, therefore not making my fingers feel so constrained! 😀

Hello finger-party! 😀