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The Story:

I have always wanted to work with leather. Its characteristic, durability and chic attitude is what makes leather just so appealing to work with. I started using leather years ago while in the UK, but as leather is so hard to come by here in Malaysia the only means is to source from outside.

On one of my travels recently to Thailand, I found myself exploring the streets the locals frequented and chanced upon beautiful bounds of leather. I was so excited!

From this, I would like to introduce “Chloe“, the first item from the LIGHTLUXE leather goods. A classic shape to suit all, it is the perfect gift for yourself, or to a loved one! The dimensions are approximately 4.8″ x 3.4”.

"Chloe" LIGHTLUXE leather purse“Chloe”

Price: RM45.00

Limited edition, Chloe comes in two different Pantone colours: Fuchsia Rose & Blue Iris.

"Chloe" LIGHTLUXE leather purse

Chloe” in Blue Iris

"Chloe" LIGHTLUXE leather purse

Chloe” in Fuchsia Rose

P.S: I understand that as different lighting may affect the true colour of the leather, guidance to its Pantone colours would make it easier for you. Click to see for Fuchsia Rose or Blue Iris.



The Story:

This collection is my first LIGHTLUXE necklace collection! This necklace collection was inspired by the vibrant feathered birds of Birds of Paradise (the earring collection is found below).

Staying true to the spirit of ‘LIGHTLUXE’ (jewellery with a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight), in this particular collection rope as a medium allowed me to create pieces that can be worn with formal evening wear or even with just a basic t-shirt. This allowed my carefree spirit (hailing from the coasts of Borneo island), to indulge with a little luxe.

I make my pieces upon order (mostly to avoid wastage). Do take note that each necklace may vary due to its handmade nature. The length of the necklace from end-to-end is approximately 15″.

Thank you for your support and interest, I am truly grateful. Enjoy! x

LIGHTLUXE necklace collection by Cinnamon Spring

Handmade LIGHTLUXE  “Bird of Paradise” necklace collection by Cinnamon Spring 

Top L-R: Respublica, Magnificus, Raggiana.

Bottom L-R: Mayeri, Radiant Orchid, Rudoplhi

Price: RM60 (previously RM75)

Enjoy! x



The Story:

My first collection, the LIGHTLUXE collection which I designed for jewellery to have a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight of it. I started off with earrings first, and made a collection with 6 pieces. Each piece was named after some of my favourite characters from my younger days: Phoenix, Faerie, Misty, Silky, Elven & Pixie. The collection which started off in the colours of “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid” (inspired by the Pantone Colour Of The year 2014) sold out completely, especially as it was launched before the Christmas season.

Light Luxe Collection by Cinnamon Spring

Lightluxe collection in Radiant Orchid

LIGHTLUXE collection earrings in “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid”. (Sold out in the above colours, but open to customisation.)

After that, I launched a next LIGHTLUXE collection and this time I was inspired by Birds of Paradise, beautiful birds with vibrant coloured feathers and elaborate mating dances:

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise retailed at RM35 a pair

Here’s a teaser of my next collection:

Lightluxe by Cinnamon Spring

It’s been a while since my last necklace collection (as shown below) so stay tuned!


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