DIY Tutorials

Hello! In this DIY Page, I have listed all my easy DIY tutorials for you. Just click on the link below the pictures and it will take you to the full post.

However, I have made other DIY items with no tutorials (yet) so if you want to see what else I have do click here for all posts with my DIY items! 😀 Thank you so much for popping by and I hope you have fun trying out any of these DIYs! Let me know what other DIYs you’d like me to do and I will see what I can do. xoxo

DIY Nails

DIY Nails: Movember Nails

Movember & Tuxedo Nails

DIY nail art inspired by Primark Aztec top

Aztec Nail Art Inspired By Primark Top

How to use a nail guide liner

How To Use A Nail Guide Liner

Tri-colour chevron nails

Tri-Colour Chevron Nails

Mint nails with subtle aztec print

Mint & Subtle Aztec Nails

Jubilee nails!

Jubilee Nails

Cinnamon Springs' tuxedo nails

Tuxedo Nails

DIY Jewellery

Project Revamp by Cinnamon Spring - Update Your Brooches

Update Your Brooches Using Nail Polish

DIY: Update Your Friendship Bracelet

Update Your Friendship Bracelet

Project Revamp: Studding Leather

How To Stud Leather

DIY spiked necklace revamped

Spiked Necklace

DIY chunky paperclip bracelets

Chunky Paperclip Bracelets

DIY Leather Studded Collar (detachable)

Leather Studded Collar (Detachable)

DIY: Revamp A Pendant Into A Wire-Wrapped Gem Ring

Pendant Into A Wire-Wrapped Gem Ring

DIY Peterpan Chain Collar-001

Peter Pan Collar Chain Necklace

DIY: Funky Leather Gem Earrings

Funky Leather Gem Earrings

DIY: Michael Kors Nugget Necklace

Michael Kors-inspired Leather Nugget Pendant Necklace

Delicate & Petite Rings

DIY: Boho Tassel Earrings

Boho chic triangle double-tassel earrings

DIY: Pyramid Stud Earrings

Pyramid Stud Earrings

DIY: Add Texture To Your Necklace With Studs & Spikes

Add Texture To Your Necklace With Studs & Rhinestones

Bejewelled Chunky Bracelet

DIY Statement Necklace

Revamp Your Accessories To Make A Statement Necklace

DIY Leather Fringe & Rhinestone Necklace

Leather Fringe & Rhinestone Necklace

Summer Tassel Necklace

Chanel-inspired pearl ring

DIY: Pearl & Stud Necklace

Pearl & Stud Necklace


Pearl & Tassel Statement Necklace

DIY Gemstone Drop Earrings

Gemstone Drop Earrings

DIY Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelet

DIY Accessories

DIY: Update Your Straw Clutch

Update Your Straw Clutch


DIY: Embellished Sunglasses

Embellished Sunglasses

DIY: Costume 1920s Cigarette Holder

Costume 1920s Cigarette Holder

Personalise your Cambridge Satchel with gold hardware

DIY Revamp: Print Bag

DIY Revamp: Print Bag

DIY Embellished Evening Clutch

Embellished Evening Clutch

DIY Summer Sandals with Havaianas

Embellished Sandals with Havaianas

Embellished Gem Sunglasses

Marni-inspired Embellished Sandals

DIY Lace Up Sandals

Lace Up Sandals

DIY Clothing

DIY jean shorts

Studded, Frayed Shorts From Old Jeans

DIY H&M Embellished Sleeves

H&M-inspired embellished sleeves

DIY Lace Trimmed Skirt

Lace Trimmed Skirt (no-sew method)

DIY Beauty & Home

DIY Lemongrass + Lemon Body Scrub

Lemongrass + Lemon Body Scrub

DIY Personalised Tea Light Holders

Personalised Tea Light Holders

DIY Rose Petal Body Scrub

Rose Petal Body Scrub


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