Fashion Brand To Look Out For: Rita On Street

I didn’t grow up with sisters, only brothers. My brothers naturally did not want to play makeup and fashion with me while we were growing up so I just played by myself. Hence you could imagine the joy when my brother married his wife – I finally had a sister!

My sister-in-law is a true fashionista with her own sense of style. She’s got a great eye for fashion, and her style evolves all the time managing to look so well-put every single time. So when she decided to delve back into fashion (she used to design her own clothes and sell in fashion capital, Bangkok) I was thrilled! She constantly amazes me with each collection, and how wearable they are as well!

The most awesomest part besides seeing her fashion line grow? Surprising me with her designs every so often. Blessed! Thank you so much!

You can find her line on Facebook and Instagram for now. They ship worldwide!

Here are some of her designs that I absolutely love:

"This Devil" crop top by Rita On Street

“This Devil” crop top by Rita on Street

Black & White collection by Rita on Street

L-R: “Silent Night” dress, “This Devil” crop top, “My Message” peplum skirt, “Red Lady” print skirt. All by Rita on Street.

"Silent Night" dress by Rita on Street

Silent Night” dress by Rita on Street

T-Shirt by Rita On Street

Guessed it yet? The brand got its inspiration from singer Rita Ora! These quality shirts with a cheeky Rita were all sold out in size S (600 pieces!), so I settled for a size M – which suited me just fine!

"Just Another Day" dress by Rita On Street

Just Another Day” dress by Rita on Street

Gorgeous print dress from Rita on Street’s first collection! I work in a law firm and the moment I walked in some of my colleagues went “WOW”! It was such a bright burst of colour in a legal firm’s world of classic black and white!

"Emotion & Expectation" crop top and skirt by Rita on Street

Emotion & Expectation” crop top & peplum-hemmed high-waisted skirt by Rita on Street

IMG_7519 "Stay All Night" backless dress by Rita on Street

Stay All Night” backless dress by Rita on Street

A little cheeky peek-a-boo from a modest front! These dresses from the fashion line’s first collection come in a multitude of colours.

Custom made strawberry skirt

My amazing sister surprised me with this custom-made strawberry print flared skirt for my birthday during one of her Australian trips (she lived there a couple of years) – it even came with its own mesh underlining to give the skirt big, big volume. It was so much fun to wear this out!

"About my Baby" backless dress by Rita on Street

About My Baby” backless dress by Rita on Street

Not the best picture, but I haven’t found the occasion to wear this gorgeous dress out yet. It’s bodycon, with a strategic thigh-slit (ala Angelina Jolie), and a little cheeky backless trick!

"Moon River" skirt by Rita on Street

Moon River” maxi skirt by Rita on Street.

The picture doesn’t do it justice but it was beautiful swishy-swaying material!

"My Message" peplum skirt by Rita on Street

My Message” peplum skirt (with a back high slit) by Rita on Street

I wouldn’t be sharing my sister-in-law’s designs if they weren’t fabulous – I love how they fit on my body (petite with native thunder thighs, which I hide well!)!

Check them out either on Facebook and Instagram.

For more enquiries, you can also email them at: 

Want something quicker? Whatsapp them: +66800660096  or Line them: Rita On Street


An Update!

Hello!! I know my last update was a while ago (last February) but I’ve been so busy/lazy to get onto WordPress to blog! I just recently got my first iPhone, after years of Nokias and a Blackberry and I must say I am liking it very much!

So I’ve started my pupillage in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia since January, and so far so good 🙂 I’m getting used to working life but once I get home I really don’t have any motivation or energy to blog or even DIY! My weekends are mostly filled up and that pretty much leaves me with no time at all…

I’ve got so many DIY ideas lined up but executing them is going to take me more discipline! Though just a few days ago I managed to revamp a broken glass bracelet into a chunky one:


I’ll post a tutorial on it soon, super easy!

Kuala Lumpur’s great, I do miss home in Borneo loads but can you believe that pupils don’t get annual leave for 9 months?? Every day we miss will have to be replaced, therefore delaying our Call to the Malaysian Bar 😦

It’s a quick update, but hey, follow me on Instagram: vorlotwen 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! xx

Having A 5-Finger Forehead

I’ve always wanted to address the issue of having a big forehead, and in my case, having a 5-finger forehead. A 5-finger forehead basically means that all my fingers fit the space of one forehead. Usually one sees a lot of 3-finger or 4-finger foreheads but having a wide enough forehead for 5 fingers? (P.S: It has to be your own fingers though)

Big foreheads in my family are inherited from my Borneoan native grandmother on my father’s side. Besides the wide forehead, I also inherited the native thunder thighs and hips…sigh. I’m still self-conscious about my forehead but not as much as when I was younger. Puberty was hardest for me when my zits definitely stood out really well then!

I used to have bangs when I was a little girl but since then I’ve grown out of them into…longer fringes. One of the reasons why I don’t bother having a fringe is because of my fine hair (like Christina Ricci). Fine hair and large forehead? Probably not a great idea. I used to give horror looks to my hairdresser in the UK whenever he tried to convince me to have a fringe! Fortunately I didn’t give in to his hairdressing demands 😀 I normally wear my hair down to try not to cause too much attention to my forehead. If you’re wondering how a wide forehead looks like, here are some famous people:

L-R: Kate Bosworth (not too wide), Christina Ricci, Tyra Banks, Rihanna

Kaftan: H&M; High hair bun to distract from my large forehead on a hot day (is it even working?!)

Of what I can remember, I only know of one good friend who has mentioned that she likes it when I pull all my hair away from my face with a headband, more than letting my hair down. Normally the only reason why I’d tie my hair exposing my wide forehead is because my hair is oily (no time for a wash) or partaking in some extenuating exercise. Nevertheless, I did find the genuine comment rather nice. The thing is, I still don’t know what she sees in that look!

Anyway, as part of growing up one learns to deal with things we are born with 😉 Though, one unsatisfactory definition of a 5-finger forehead from Urban Dictionary states this:

A forehead that is 5 fingers or more wide. Commonly associated with ugly chicks and losers.

Really?! 😦 130 people voted it up too, compared to the 11 who voted it down (me included). That’s just mean. I think that definition should be changed.

Necklace: DIY

In any case, as this is also an outfit post…my parents were rushing me for my own birthday dinner a month ago so I just slipped on this kaftan dress which is very pyjama-like. It was a great idea though because I ate so much that my stomach started to bulge so the kaftan was great at covering up my gluttony 😀

I had also recently tried my hand at layered necklaces using these bright turquoise beads and I’m quite happy how my first try turned out! It also suited my kaftan well, giving me that boho-chic look I wanted.

So…what are your thoughts on 5-finger foreheads? Do you happen to know any thing associated with it (because I don’t)? I’d love to know your thoughts! xx

Borneo Wear: Peterpan Collars and Sereni & Shentel

I’m not one who dresses up in cute tops (think Hello Kitty), so this floral peterpan collared top from Primark seems to be an exception in my wardrobe. Besides…the material is thin which is great for Borneo’s hot and humid weather.

Top: Primark; Shorts: Vintage

Peterpan collars are still on trend, though maybe slightly wavering a bit but since fashion over here on the equator lags slightly it should be okay 😉 I hope to do a DIY embellished collar soon and when I do I’ll post pictures up! Or…maybe I could start on this top. Hmm…

To tone down the ‘cuteness’ of the peterpan collar I teamed it with vintage jean shorts (mum’s hand-me-downs), and a casually slung bag across my body.

Flip Flops: Havaianas; Bag: Vintage; Headband: Sereni & Shentel x Anna Coroneo (gifted)

A pair of Havaianas is a staple in one’s wardrobe (even Christian Louboutin said so himself)! It’s comfortable, comes in a massive range of colours and styles, 100% rubber, and dries quickly! Perfect yet again for the monsoon season in Borneo 😉

To end this post, I’d like to introduce you to Sereni & Shentel! They are artisans making beautiful headbands, and they hail from Borneo too! ALL their headbands are lovingly handmade in Borneo. I own a few headbands myself and they are gorgeous 😀 This particular headband is a favourite of mine gifted by a good friend and kept me particularly company during my Bar studies in the UK 😉 The headband was a collaboration with artist designer Anna Coroneo who is an artist and her prints are made into fashion statement pieces! Do check them out 😀

Also…congratulations to President Barack Obama on his re-election! It was a tight race! Malaysians could learn a thing or two about American politics – that voting really does matter 😉 If you are Malaysian and are eligible to vote, please register! Voting is a citizen’s fundamental right so don’t pass up the chance.

Have a great week everyone! xx

Borneo Wear: The Bubble Daydress

It seems that lately I am wearing clothing that do not seem to agree with my bodyshape (petite with thunder thighs and hips). Yes, it’s the bubble dress.

What is a bubble dress you ask? Unlike a puffy-Cinderalla dress where the skirt flows outwards creating an hourglass silhouette, a bubble hemmed dress means that the bottom flows inwards. Hardly flattering if you don’t happen to have “chicken legs” as my Angolan friend put it once.

As usual, my reason for wearing such a thing is because I’ve never worn it once finding out it had a bubble hem and I felt bad for it. Closet guilt (sigh). Well, the other reason is that I have been working out and wanted to try wearing the clothes I’ve avoided in my closet before I gain again. Hehehe.

Dress: ASOS; Flip Flops: Havaianas

The dress is actually very comfortable (100% cotton) and pretty airy for a dress with a thick bubble hem. I also like the big pockets on the side of the dress in which I put my phone, wallet and keys in! What can I say? I like a convenient dress! 😀

The only problem I had with the dress besides the bubble hem was that I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments walking in town. A few panty flashings probably made passing male drivers quite happy. Maybe.

“XO” necklace & “ATHENA” necklace gifted by Designs by FaraM

In this humid heat, it can be difficult to accessorise too much so I kept it simple by layering my necklaces which was gifted by my fashionista designer friend of Designs by FaraM 😀 You can also find the designer at her wordpress blog here!

Have a great start to the week everyone! xx

Borneo Wear: Bold Neon Aztec Print (It’s My Birthday!)

What can I say? I am still liking my prints! I saw this dress on Gossips Boutique, a Malaysian fashion boutique a few weeks ago and I simply couldn’t resist. So much so that I ended up buying both colours! One in bold (above) and the other in pastel. I also like the skinnier neckline, which shows off a bit of the shoulders so this dress is a big plus in my wardrobe!

Being naturally tanned due to my mixed-blood heritage (trust me, this is not a great trait to have especially if you live in Asian countries where paler skin is considered more beautiful – fortunately I’ve grown out of this concept and ignore remarks about my skin colour), I was somewhat hesitant when I received this dress because the pink was really quite, quite bold. I thought that it might look gaudy on me. However, I still wore it out last night and the pictures don’t look too bad… At least with so much going on, I didn’t have to accessorise at all! WIN! 😀

When I first dip-dyed my hair, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to match clothes to my hair! In the beginning I was wearing different combinations of clothing but after a while I realised that I shouldn’t let my hair dictate my clothing 😉

Dress: Gossips Boutique; Cardigan: Cotton On; Bag: 11″ Silver Metallic Cambridge Satchel; Heels: Aldo; Skinny belt: H&M; Nails: DIY tutorial soon!

Oh, and it’s my birthday today! 😀 I turn…24 😦 I don’t seem to feel older, or like a woman yet for that matter. I’m just an unemployed Borneoan girl who is a Bar postgraduate indulging in DIY projects and Fashion. I’m finally getting Called to the Bar (graduation for students completing the Bar course) at Lincoln’s Inn in London at the end of this month and hopefully after that I will be employed…

BBC legal drama of the UK Bar: Silk (the creator is a barrister-turned-playwright/screenwriter from Lincoln’s Inn). Martha Costello gave my fellow friends and I inspiration during the Bar course.

I’d like to give my thanks and appreciation to every single reader here too, thank you for your support and lovely comments! I’m delighted that currently I have 84 followers on this blog, and 106 followers on my WIWT (What I Wore Today) page! I don’t bother about numbers as much now but still, the digits are always very fun to look at 😉

Have a great weekend everyone! xx

Borneo Wear: The Maxi Dress

Borneo has only 2 seasons a year: Summer (dry season) and Monsoon (wet season). Currently here in Borneo we are experiencing the monsoon season and it’s pouring like mad outside now. While I was in the UK there was never such a thing as the triple combo: lightning-thunder-rainstorm; here in Borneo it’s a constant reminder how crazy the monsoon seasons can get.

Fortunately at the moment during the day, it’s still sunny! The maxi dress makes an appearance.

Maxi dress:; Bag: 13″ Cambridge Satchel in Cobalt Blue; Flip Flops: Havaianas in Peacock

I normally avoid figure-hugging maxi dresses because it always seems to emphasize on my native hips and thighs (yes, can you see it?!). For someone barely 5′ 2″, a tight maxi dress is not what suits my shape. I prefer grecian styled ones which are more flattering.

The only reason why I wore this particular maxi dress is because I had it in my closet for 2 years (not worn because I only realised it was figure hugging later on) and I felt sorry for it… (no, really). Well, okay, maybe because I have been working out lately and have been feeling more toned than when I first got back home. This means less muffin top! I’ll always have issues with my hips and thunder thighs (genetic tribal genes) so the only way to make it less obvious is by working out and eating properly 😉

Besides, this maxi dress isn’t all too constricting and trapping heat so if it works for this hot climate, why not?

P.S: If you’re wondering about that painting on the floor, it’s of my mum! 😀 Unfortunately I didn’t inherit her slim build and wavy hair. My brothers did 😦

TGIF have a great one everyone! xx