Review: Habitatt Tattoos

I remember growing up eating these Mamee snack noodles, and sometimes they would come with temporary tattoos in them! Sure they were pretty tacky (mostly the furry blue Mamee Monster eating the said snack noodles) but still pretty fun. Also, temporary tattoos are also the perfect alternative to permanent ones!

I stumbled upon Habitatt Supply Co (local Malaysian brand) temporary tattoos during the Markets @ Jaya One market and were quite hooked on their modern designs so I got a few (Bling Bling, Carpe Diem & Feather). At only RM8 for 3 pieces of each design, these are not only fashionable but affordable as well!

Printed with soy-based ink, it is compliant to the highest safety standards. I decided to try these Habitatt tattoos.

DIY wrap bracelet, DIY rings

I wanted a fun ring party so I started with the diamond tattoos from “Bling Bling“.

Cut the desired shape.

Remove the clear protective top sheet. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Press the Habitatt firmly onto skin with the design facing downwards.

Wet a tissue/cloth and press firmly against the back of the Habitatt. Make sure it is wet thoroughly.

Wait for 10-15 seconds (this is depending on the size) and slowly peel off the paper backing.

After this, rinse the Habitatt with water for best result on the skin.

DIY Double-Pearl Ring

Slip a ring below the diamond Habitatt, and boy, look at that carat!

These lasted 2 days for me, but was still happy with the result it achieved. I can’t wait to try the other designs from Habitatt!