Weekend Sale: J.Crew, Kate Spade, Madewell & More!

A lot of my readers come from the United States, and so I thought that the following sales would make you super excited! These are weekend sales so better start clicking. Brands such as J. Crew, Madewell, Kate Spade and others are having a limited weekend sale so isn’t it a perfect time to stock up for the upcoming Autumn/Winter?

Here are some of my favourite picks from the brands, with the accompanying discount codes:


J. Crew sales

From L-R: Wool Melton Topcoat; Lambswool Tipped Sweater-Tunic; Merino Wool Asymmetrical Zip Sweater in Colorblock & Shiny Puffer Vest.

The best part is that these sweaters and outerwear come in various colours too! I always love a good variety. Go on, here are the discount codes:


PROMOTION ENDS: 19 October 2014


Madewell sales

From L-R: Tweedweave shiftdress; Slim slouch jeans; Chunky sweater & Scuba Skirt.

Screen Captures5

Clockwise from top left: Ava Heel; Ames Boot; Sylvain Heel &  Keaton Oxford.


PROMOTION ENDS: 20 October 2014


Ann Taylor

From L-R: Faux Leather Cape; Marled Infinity Scarf & Leather Boots

Ann Taylor

 Clockwise from top left: Seaside sunglasses; Leather Wrap Bracelet; Linear Cuff & Sculpted Cuff

Ann Taylor

Clockwise from top left: Kiera Leather Booties; Strappy Leather Heels; Suede Cap Toe Kitten Heels & Leather Ankle Strap Heels


PROMOTION ENDS: 20 October 2014


Land's End

From L-R: Striped Shirt; Calf Hair Venetian Flats & Indigo Scarf



*All photos are from its respective websites.

There are further discounts on other brands, check out with the following discount codes:

  • Shop at Kate Spade with the following 25% discount code: F14FFUS
  • Shop at Forever21 with the  following extra 30% discount code: TAKE30
  • Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue with the following 25% discount code: FRNFAM

Enjoy the discount codes and have fun shopping!



Working as a lawyer doesn’t give me much free time these days, but I am happy to launch my first LIGHTLUXE necklace collection inspired by the vibrantly feathered birds of Birds of Paradise!

Staying true to the spirit of ‘LIGHTLUXE’ (jewellery with a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight), in this particular collection rope as a medium allowed me to create pieces that can be worn with formal evening wear or even with just a basic t-shirt. This allowed my carefree spirit (hailing from the coasts of Borneo island), to indulge with a little luxe. Enjoy!

LIGHTLUXE necklace collection by Cinnamon Spring

Handmade LIGHTLUXE necklace collection by Cinnamon Spring

Kindly head over to my little shop for more information/to purchase! x

Cinnamon Spring’s LIGHTLUXE collection

Sometimes, I sell some of my own designs as it’s mostly to fund more of my own DIY projects!

My first collection, the LIGHTLUXE collection which I designed for jewellery to have a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight of it. I started off with earrings first, and made a collection with 6 pieces. Each piece was named after some of my favourite characters from my younger days: Phoenix, Faerie, Misty, Silky, Elven & Pixie. The collection which started off in the colours of “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid” (inspired by the Pantone Colour Of The year 2014) sold out completely, especially as it was launched before the Christmas season.

Light Luxe Collection by Cinnamon SpringLightluxe collection in Radiant Orchid

LIGHTLUXE collection earrings in “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid”. (Sold out in the above colours, but open to customisation in other colours)

After that, I launched a next LIGHTLUXE collection and this time I was inspired by Birds of Paradise, beautiful birds with vibrant coloured feathers and elaborate mating dances:

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise retailed at RM35 a pair

After such encouraging response from my family, friends (old and new), I have decided to include necklaces to the LIGHTLUXE repertoire. So  here’s a teaser of my next collection:

Lightluxe by Cinnamon Spring

Stay tuned! 🙂

Kindly email me at: write.to.cinnamonspring@gmail.com for more enquiries or  any customisation.

Borneo Wear: Keep Cool In A Black Kaftan

I am back from visiting my grandparents in the lush highlands of Borneo! I’ll do a visual post sometime later in the week, and if you ever drop by Borneo…that is the place to visit 😀

I am already adapting to the heat and humidity here (think 38°C) so wearing a kaftan in black isn’t tooo bad on my list of ‘Borneo Wear’. Kaftans normally do not have any inner linings and is 100% cotton to allow your skin breath. Knee-length kaftans normally have slits on either side but I sewed up the sides so that I can wear it as a dress.

Kaftans are great to use from day to night. Here’s how I wear it as a day look. Fold the sleeves, and clinch a belt on your waist to give the kaftan shape! Tip: I refrain from belting right beneath my bust to create a ‘grecian’ look with this particular kaftan because it gives me a belly. Not good. Besides, a skinny belt on the waist creates a casual daytime look for the kaftan!

I am barely smiling because there were mosquitos flying around my legs and they were trying to suck me dry. Believe me, I wished mosquitos were never created during the creation of the world! Note: Mosquitos swarm after it rains.

DIY arm party! I am also selling the white wrap bracelet here if you’d like to take a look 😀

It’s now nearly 4 months (time flies so quickly!) that I’ve dip-dyed my hair in Edinburgh and even though friends have noticed that my hair is getting lighter than when I first got back to Borneo (almost 2 months) I don’t seem to notice any change.  Do you? In any case I’m still loving my hair so I’m keeping it still 😉

Though…since I’ve passed my UK Bar exams (I’m training to be a lawyer) and will be properly entering the workforce soon, I might not have the liberty of having dip-dyed hair 😦 I will be heading to London sometime in November for my Call to the Bar so if any readers are free, it’d be awesome to meet up! 😀

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! xx

Exclusive (Made In Borneo) Handmade Tribal Spiked Necklaces

It’s the weekend! 😀 I will be away in the heart of Borneo from tomorrow for more than a week to see my grandparents and also to help out in the primary school there. Daytime is typical equatorial hot (35°C), but the temperature drops to about 15°C at night so it is quite refreshing.

Before I leave, I’d leave you with some of the pieces that I’ve made due to my current love and obsession with spikes (help me!). This also helps support my creativity 😉

Do visit my little selling area on ASOS Marketplace where I am selling the items! Click here to go there 😀 Alternatively you can also email me about any enquiries (especially if you don’t have Paypal!) 😀

I liked how the spikes worked well to give off a ‘tribal’ feel – I feel that I can justify using the word ‘tribal’ because I am, a Borneoan native by blood anyway 😉

It can be really difficult finding a blank canvas to make the jewellery pop but this vintage white bustier puffy dress from my mother’s closet did quite the trick.

When I was in Budapest on my eurotrip this summer, I found these gorgeous aztec-ish print beads that were SO gorgeous! The thing is, everytime I tried to make it work into a piece of jewellery – it always failed to excite me. That is, until I decided to mix spikes with it. There you have it 😉

View more of it here!

These beads from a Budapest market have a purple/black aztec print which is ultra gorgeous!

View more here!

On my eurotrip, my friend and I visited so many museums and who knew that centuries ago spikes were in trend? There was an Egyptian exhibition in one of the museums in Vienna, Austria and this gold fan collared necklace reminds me of Egyptian times.

View more of it here!

Also, who says you can’t mix silver and gold elements?

View more here!

If silver is too washed out for you, channel your inner goddess party girl with a neon blue chain!

View more here!

In this necklace, I liked how the black was a great contrast with the other colours!

View more here!

This necklace is the longest of the rest, and is rather chunky. Sky blue crystals make an appearance too, who knew?

View more here!

There are other items for sale on my ASOS Marketplace page, so do take a look and I’d love any feedback and thoughts 😀

Before I go, I’d like to let you guys know about a few friends who are blogging and raising funds for cancer research, or other special causes. Unfortunately I can’t join this special gig at the moment but I will in the future. Writers online / bloggers everywhere make an impact whether small or big. Lend some of your influence to good causes, so why not check it out here? Also, as it is breast cancer awareness month I’d like to gently remind you the importance of checking your breasts! 😉

Have a great weekend everyone! xx

Project Revamp: Transforming Boring Into FUN!

As you all know, I am back in Malaysia (pretty much for good) after 4 years in the UK and am currently having more time on my hands before I start working. I am missing Europe a lot, but being home is pretty great as well. For one, I am able to step in and out of the shower without a towel – and not be in uncontrollable shakes (due to the cold) 😀 I am however not liking the extreme heat and humidity here though but it does need getting used to…

Therefore ever since I’ve had more time on my hands, I’ve been able to indulge in more crafty things! So I decided to start a new project called “Project Revamp”!

Project Revamp” definition: Transforming BORING into FUN!

Basically it involves DIY (Do-It-Yourself) work, but you reuse old things such as old jewellery, old clothing, etc. Things that one would not use or like and give away. However, one those things have been transformed it magically makes you want it… 😀

I love walking into charity shops, vintage shops and finding lovely knick knacks at a fraction of a price! Therefore some of the things I have made were from such shops/my own which I later worked on to update its look.

So here are some of the works from my Project Revamp, my current obsession…SPIKES!

I had a necklace with only the leaf charms and it didn’t really suit my taste, so I added yellow suede & bronze spikes! This lovely necklace has gone to a new home now, yay!

If the necklace is not suiting you…why not turn it into a pretty bracelet? This has also gone to a new home now 😀

I deconstructed a chain belt which I was not loving anymore, and turned a part of it into a bracelet! This has gone off to a new home now, yay! 😀

A friend ‘commissioned’ a set of 4 pink bracelets for her and her 3 sisters after liking the yellow bracelet above! Luckily for them, there was some belt left over 😀

I wasn’t a fan of the pendant at all so I made a new look for the chain!

This was the piece that started it all…a vintage chain from my exploring of Edinburgh, Scotland. I wrote a post on it here.

From plain to zing! I added suede and spikes 😀

Another plain chain turned into an edgy necklace. This has gone to a new home 😀

I had excess neon blue party chain and hey, neon is in now so why not make it into a wearable necklace?

The response to “Project Revamp” has been pretty encouraging during my mum’s garage sale, who said Borneoans aren’t fashionable and love the earth? 😉 Thank you all who came, supported “Project Revamp” and my DIY goodies! Also, thank you for willing to have your nails painted by me too – it was really fun!

Lastly dear readers, I’d like to know your “Project Revamp” stories if you have any! 😀 Have a great mid-week everyone! xx

Blog Sale: Oversized Clutch & Handbag

If you didn’t know, I have only recently (just last week) started selling some of my handmade arm party on ASOS Marketplace. As I will be leaving the UK soon, I have decided to sell some of my pre-loved items. Fortunately for buyers, some of them are new as well!

I’d really love to let go some of these lovely bags, as I am restricted on how much I will be able to ship back home to Borneo. If you are interested, please let me know! If you have friends who you think will be interested, please spread the word too 😀 Lastly, if you do not happen to be from the UK or Europe, and would love to purchase it, I’m sure I can find a way to send it to you 😉

Oversized Clutch / Handbag #1:


I have only worn this bag a few times, and is still in excellent condition. I call it the ‘Gold Fan’ bag beacuse it reminds me of an Egyptian fan. Well, it does, doesn’t it??

Handbag #2:


A gorgeous fern motif handbag from Ted Baker! Only worn on a few occasions and is still in great condition.

So that’s it for now, I hope these beautiful goodies go to new homes very soon 😀

Don’t forget to check out what I have to sell on ASOS Marketplace at such affordable prices, and have a great weekend!

♥ Much Love! ♥