Featured: Cut Out + Keep’s ‘DIY The Look: Lucy Liu’

Cut Out + Keep is a massive DIY social site and a fun place where you can share your DIY projects, learn new DIY projects and get inspiration from! I was interviewed for their ‘DIY Fashionista‘ series before which was fun, and so when the kind folks at Cut Out + Keep asked me if I could contribute to one of their series called ‘DIY The Look’, I said of course!

I was given the celebrity Lucy Liu to DIY, so I had full freedom of what she would wear, eat and even drink! The best part is that every single 10 items I chose for her is DIY-able, and each project is found on the Cut Out + Keep site.

I also felt that Lucy Liu would look absolutely chic carrying a 11″ Cambridge Satchel, especially if it has been personalised with gold hardware. My DIY for this is here.

Do click here for the full article!

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

Featured: Cut Out + Keep's 'DIY The Look: Lucy Liu'

DIY The Look: Lucy Liu

So what do you think about the items I chose for Lucy Liu?


Featured: Cut Out + Keep’s ‘DIY Fashionista’

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time celebrating, whether it was big or not 😀 My new year started off well with me being featured on Cut Out + Keep which is a massive DIY international social site! One of the founders Cat Morley (who has done some 438 DIY projects!) approached the blog a while back to do an interview with them and to showcase some of my DIYs. In the article I talked about fashion, style and…DIY! I have two DIYs in the article which I hope you enjoy 😀 You can read the full article here. Thank you Cat for the lovely opportunity!

CO+K DIY Fashionista: Saran

CO+K DIY Fashionista: Saran

The DIY studded & frayed shorts is an updated (I added rivet studs) version from one of my previous DIYs and you can view the full tutorial I made here. In the second DIY, I had these spare rings found in a vintage shop (taken apart from a massive necklace) and so I made a sort of bib/statement necklace – super easy to do! You can view the full tutorial here 😀

If you’re a budding DIY-er or would love to get more ideas on DIY, give Cut Out + Keep a look! Most tutorials you find are really quite easy – and there is so much talent out there!

I am currently away from Borneo in the capital city and had my first job interview with a prestigious firm today…and got offered a job for pupillage!!!! 😀 Ahhh God is great! 😀

Featured on Style UK MSN’s “This Week’s Hottest Outfits”

You can see Poppy’s other fashion picks here this week! Oh, and do visit my profile here on WIWT (What I Wore Today) 😀

Thank you Poppy for choosing my outfit to feature, am absolutely ecastatic! The cheeky shirt is from iwhoretees and boy, did it get some looks 😉

I actually wore this outfit on one of Newcastle’s sunny days to the Quayside Market, I’m a big fan of markets and was really happy to be able to relax a bit and enjoy. Hotdogs, nutella crepes and fruity smoothies. Yum!

Leather Biker Jacket: Camden Market, London; Top: iwhoretees; Skirt: H&M; Satchel: 11″ Silver The Cambridge Satchel Company

Thank you to my readers for dropping by and posting a comment! I really appreciate it 😀

I have another exam to go, and a portfolio to hand in (legal pro-bono) and then I’ll be done by the 6th of June! I can’t wait for this Bar course to end 😀

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