DIY Marni-Inspired Embellished Sandals

So these Marni embellished sandals have been on my DIY list for the longest time ever but I didn’t want to have to buy an uncomfortable pair just to embellish. However last week while I was in Bangkok, Thailand, I found these faux leather strap sandals which were not only cheap but comfortable! Win!

I am now super happy to be able to DIY my own pair! There are so many Marni-inspired embellished sandals tutorials around, with varying designs but here’s mine so do take a read below:

Here’s what you need:

– strapped sandals
– rhinestones in various sizes
– E6000 glue
– skewer stick (for easier applying)

Step #1:

Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area as the vapours are really strong! Dab some glue on the sides of the back of the rhinestone.

Step #2:

Stick the square rhinestone in the middle of the first strap.

Step #3:

Attach the round rhinestones next to the square.

Step #4:

Attach the oval rhinestones next!

Step #5:

Lastly, attach the teardrop rhinestone at the sides of the oval rhinestones. As this is towards the end of the strap, the rhinestones may slide. Do press it down slowly so that it can set for the first few minutes and not move.

Step #6:

Once you are done with one pair, continue with the other pair!

Voila! You have embellished sandals!

Enjoy your Marni-inspired embellished sandals, I know I am!


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