DIY Lace Trimmed Skirt (no-sew method)

Lace has always been heavily featured on the runways and on the high street. A week ago whilst browsing shops selling tailoring supplies, we came across a variety of lace which was quite exciting!

I bought some crochet lace as it would be sturdier, and I used a no-sew method to revamp/update my jean mini skirt!

It was very simple and easy to update the jean skirt using this really simple no-sew method. Another great thing is that the lace is easily detachable as well! Read on to know more:

What you need:

– Jean skirt
– 1 metre of crochet lace
– Studs with crimps
– scissors
– flat-nose pliers

Step #1:

Lay the lace along the bottom hemline of the skirt.

Step #2:

Here, I used pyramid studs which have crimpers. Pierce the sharp bits through the lace and skirt.

Step #3:

You will see the sharp crimpers on the other side of the skirt like the above!

Step #4:

Either use your fingers or pliers to press the crimpers down to lock it into place.

Step #5:

Continue studding the lace to the back of the skirt!

Step #6:

You have now studded your whole skirt! Check for symmetry, and if it isn’t (as pictured above), undo the studs and redo the lace. In the event that you do not wish to have the lace any more, all you need to do is remove the studs! Simple.

Voila! The lace has been readjusted 🙂

The view of the skirt from the back.

Loving my revamped lace trimmed skirt! Perfect for your Summer x


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