DIY Summer Tassel Necklace

Recently I was inspired by some bohemian tassel long necklaces, perfect to match with a casual outfit or when on a seaside vacation (I really want one!).

Plus one of the great things about long necklaces is that you just have to slip it over your head and voila! All ready to go.
Here is a basic tutorial on how to make a summer beaded tassel necklace:What you need:
– Beads, it can all be varying sizes. Choose a palette of colours, then mix and match!
– Tassels
– Gold/silver beads
– Rhinestones
– Jewellery/beading string (non-stretchable)
– Crimp beads
– Flat-nose pliers

1. Pick your beads! Sort out a pattern. For example, 10 white beads, 1 gold bead, 3 blue beads, 3 yellow beads, 3 blue beads, 5 white beads, 1 gold bead, 1 tassel, 1 gold bead, etc.

2. Once you have decided on your pattern, start beading through the jewellery string. Add the tassels when needed. Constantly check your work in the mirror – the length should be fitting to your torso size. A great length is when the necklace just stops below your bust 🙂

3. Use the same pattern on the other side of the necklace, and at the end of the necklace snip off the jewellery string and knot it.

4. Take a crimp bead and bead it through the end bit of the knot. Use your plier to crimp it into place so that your knot will be secured! You’re done!Voila! You’ve got your summer beaded tassel necklace! Experiment with styles and enjoy! x


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