DIY Leather Fringe & Rhinestone Necklace

The thing about inspiration is that you won’t know when it will happen. It could be something you see, hear or touch.

Lately I have been wanting to work with leather accessories again. Big pieces of (good) leather that I can work with is however difficult to find in Kuala Lumpur.

Since I still have some leather, I decided to make a fringe pendant with a rhinestone pattern. Here’s the how to:What you need:
– A piece of leather
– Stanley knife
– Various rhinestones
– Hole-puncher
– Grommet tool
– Jumprings & pliers
– Chain
– Glue

Step #1:

Cut a box shape, and then make one end into a “V” shape.

Step #2:

Start cutting lines on the “V” shape, to make a fringe.Step #3:

Use the hole-puncher and punch holes on the other end of the leather pendant. Add the grommets according to instructions and punch using the grommet tool to keep it in place.Step #4:

Glue the rhinestones in whatever design you would like, above the fringing. Let it set for a few hours.Step #5:

Use pliers to add jumprings to both grommet holes. Then, attach the chain to both ends. Length of chain is based on your own liking. Voila! A leather fringe & rhinestone necklace. Have fun! x