DIY Revamp: Personalise Your Cambridge Satchel With Hardware

Recently I was in Singapore for the weekend, and chanced upon a shop selling leather goods and luggages. What caught my eye was the “50% off!” sign on all Cambridge Satchel Company bags in-store! My excitement was growing when it burst into delight – I laid my eyes on a beautiful 11″ black batchel (named so because of its top handle)!

The reason why I was so excited was because I have been eyeing the 11″ satchel with a top handle which increases its functionality as a clutch. Best bit was having it off at 50% cheaper too as the store was making way for new stock.

As a fan of personalisation and because gold hardware works amazing against a black canvas, I did a DIY revamp on my satchel! Read below for my pictorial tutorial on how to do so.

What you need:

1. Leather satchel
2. Hole puncher with various hole sizes
3. Gold cone studs (or any studs really)
4. Muscles or a strong man!Steps:

1. Mark where you would like your studs to be.
2. Choose a hole size on your hole puncher. The hole should be big enough for the screw to fit through.
3. Press hard! In my case, I had to get the help of the males to assist me in punching the holes using the hole punchers.
4. Screw the studs into the holes you have just made.
5. I also placed studs on the strap besides the front flap to give an edgier look.


I love how the gold hardware gives my satchel a whole new look – and personalised to me as well.

Try it with yours!


One thought on “DIY Revamp: Personalise Your Cambridge Satchel With Hardware

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