DIY Revamp: Bejewelled Chunky Bracelet

It’s finally the weekend! When you had to go to Court every single day in this particular week, you can’t help but feel relieved at the end of Friday! I have been so busy lately at work that finding my own time to design or even materialise them is an effort…however I don’t stop because this other (non-legal) challenge gives me such satisfaction, provides me another purpose (in life) and DIY-ing is surprisingly therapeutic for me.

A few days ago I revamped a bare gold chunky bracelet into a bejewelled one. No glueing, all you need is some wire! Try it with anything you wish to revamp using my same method:What you need:
– Gold wire (thin enough to fit the holes)
– bare bracelet with openings
– rhinestones/beads
– scissors (to cut the wire)Steps:
1. First, lay out the rhinestones on the bracelet accordingly as a plan. Then place the rhinestones on the side of the bracelet so you don’t forget the sequence.

2. Cut some wire. Start by looping through one of the holes to get a grip. Then thread the wire through the rhinestone’s right holes and make another loop to secure. Switch the wire to the other side like a zig-zag and thread through the rhinestone’s left holes.

3. Repeat step 2 for the rest of the rhinestones! At the end, make more loops to secure. You’re done! 🙂Rock out in your revamped bejewelled piece! x

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