Cinnamon Spring’s LIGHTLUXE collection

Sometimes, I sell some of my own designs as it’s mostly to fund more of my own DIY projects!

My first collection, the LIGHTLUXE collection which I designed for jewellery to have a ‘luxe’ look without the heavy weight of it. I started off with earrings first, and made a collection with 6 pieces. Each piece was named after some of my favourite characters from my younger days: Phoenix, Faerie, Misty, Silky, Elven & Pixie. The collection which started off in the colours of “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid” (inspired by the Pantone Colour Of The year 2014) sold out completely, especially as it was launched before the Christmas season.

Light Luxe Collection by Cinnamon SpringLightluxe collection in Radiant Orchid

LIGHTLUXE collection earrings in “Hues of Blue” and “Radiant Orchid”. (Sold out in the above colours, but open to customisation in other colours)

After that, I launched a next LIGHTLUXE collection and this time I was inspired by Birds of Paradise, beautiful birds with vibrant coloured feathers and elaborate mating dances:

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise

Lightluxe: Birds of Paradise retailed at RM35 a pair

After such encouraging response from my family, friends (old and new), I have decided to include necklaces to the LIGHTLUXE repertoire. So  here’s a teaser of my next collection:

Lightluxe by Cinnamon Spring

Stay tuned! 🙂

Kindly email me at: for more enquiries or  any customisation.


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