DIY: Add Texture To Your Necklace with Studs & Rhinestones

It has been a while since I last posted a ‘Project Revamp’ post, as most things I now make from scratch! However, revamping things was what really got me started in DIY-ing. I love looking out for old pieces of trinkets, and figuring out ways to update its look to suit my taste.

I was at the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival (KLVF) a few weeks ago and scored some cheap accessories – though I only bought them because I had ideas of adding my DIY touch to it!

This revamp I’ll be showing you is simple – all you need is a little patience and steady hands! I wanted to add a little more depth and texture to a plain triangular necklace – the idea was to give a rougher look to it and one of the ways to achieve that was to add spiky stuff! It’s true…I am still loving my studs!

Let’s start!What you need:

1. A plain necklace with a flat surface pendant, alternatively you can make your own too!
2. Small pine cone studs
3. Small teardrop rhinestones
4. Medium-sized oval rhinestones
5. Industrial strength glueSteps:

Before you start attaching the studs & rhinestones on, do a trial first and take a picture of it. Once you are satisfied with the look, start glueing the pieces on!

Place the glue on the flat surface of the pendant(s) and then attach the stud/rhinestones. I decided to attach a stud in the middle first before working my way inwards.TIP: To create a textural/rough look, attach the teardrop rhinestones in alternating directions.Now let the glue set for a good 24 hours before wearing it out!

After it’s set, wear out your DIY revamped necklace and enjoy! x


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