DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Writing one post a month after starting work is an achievement in itself, but two?

Now that’s something 😀

I have just been a little more disciplined, and making sure I chart most steps (thank you iPhone 5!) making it easier for me to do the tutorials. I rarely make the same thing twice – mostly hoping that I nail it the first time. Of course that doesn’t happen every time but when it does…


I’ve always loved rings, especially big statement rings (like House of Harlow 1960’s Sunburst ring) but who said you can’t go small too? Delicate or petite rings have been around forever, but the trend of stacking delicate rings on different lengths of your finger is on the rise. Here’s my take on it:

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

DIY delicate rings; Lovisa rings; H&M Aztec Neon top; The Cambridge Satchel Company 11″ silver metallic leather satchel

I wanted to try making my own delicate rings so here’s a reallllly easy DIY:

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

What you need:

  • Pliers: Round nose & Flat nose
  • Gold wire (mine had a 0.50mm width)
  • Small gold beads
  • Small gold tubes
  • Scissors

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Step #1:

Wrap the wire around desired finger, and cut it according to the length you are happy with.

Slot the beads through it!

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Do the same with the gold tubes. I stacked 3 tubes for this ring.

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Step #2:

Cross the ends of the wire like above with your pliers.

DIY: Delicate & Petite Rings

Step #3:

Fold one end over, and wrap it around and around and around- okay you get it! 😀

Do the same for the other end!

And….that’s it! Play around with other materials and styles, ideas are endless of what you can do with some humble wire (provided you are not allergic to it…).

I took my rings (I made a total of 5 rings) for a test run the whole day at work (I work in a law firm) and these babies did not slip off my finger at all! I also loved how light they felt, therefore not making my fingers feel so constrained! 😀

Hello finger-party! 😀


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