Barrister-At-Law of Lincoln’s Inn, UK (finally!)


I have been Called to the Bar and am now a Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln’s Inn! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Note that I don’t have rights of an audience as I am not fully qualified yet aka. not completed pupillage)

Short drinks reception after my Call ceremony (I had to tie my hair back – I have an issue with my wide forehead)

Dining in the hall means time to let my hair down!

I am so grateful and relieved I have finally closed one extremely difficult but fun chapter in my life! I couldn’t have done the Bar without God and the support of family and friends.

Also can you believe it, I didn’t learn how to make a single drink the whole year. Whaat?


15 thoughts on “Barrister-At-Law of Lincoln’s Inn, UK (finally!)

  1. Congratulations!! Your friends look like they have seen a certain video tape.. (ever seen “The Ring”?)! I’m over from the WordPress weekend blog hop.

    • Thank you Susi!! Hahaha I’ve decided to retain their anonymity hence the blurred out images! And I’ve not watched that movie, I can never stomach scary movies ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thank you from coming over from the bloghop! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hello there barrister,
    Congratulations to u..
    Wow..i am amaze seeing the background which is so classic and for the lady, not bad.


  3. I want to be a what i have to do.i am international many years this course and how much is the tution fees.can u advice me.this is my phone number-772 940 3331.

    • Dear md roman, my apologies on my late reply! You will need to do an undergraduate law degree (3 years if you study in the UK) and thereafter do the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course). The tuition fees vary for each university so you will have to check that out yourself.

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