Borneo Wear: The Bubble Daydress

It seems that lately I am wearing clothing that do not seem to agree with my bodyshape (petite with thunder thighs and hips). Yes, it’s the bubble dress.

What is a bubble dress you ask? Unlike a puffy-Cinderalla dress where the skirt flows outwards creating an hourglass silhouette, a bubble hemmed dress means that the bottom flows inwards. Hardly flattering if you don’t happen to have “chicken legs” as my Angolan friend put it once.

As usual, my reason for wearing such a thing is because I’ve never worn it once finding out it had a bubble hem and I felt bad for it. Closet guilt (sigh). Well, the other reason is that I have been working out and wanted to try wearing the clothes I’ve avoided in my closet before I gain again. Hehehe.

Dress: ASOS; Flip Flops: Havaianas

The dress is actually very comfortable (100% cotton) and pretty airy for a dress with a thick bubble hem. I also like the big pockets on the side of the dress in which I put my phone, wallet and keys in! What can I say? I like a convenient dress! 😀

The only problem I had with the dress besides the bubble hem was that I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments walking in town. A few panty flashings probably made passing male drivers quite happy. Maybe.

“XO” necklace & “ATHENA” necklace gifted by Designs by FaraM

In this humid heat, it can be difficult to accessorise too much so I kept it simple by layering my necklaces which was gifted by my fashionista designer friend of Designs by FaraM 😀 You can also find the designer at her wordpress blog here!

Have a great start to the week everyone! xx


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