Borneo Wear: Keep Cool In A Black Kaftan

I am back from visiting my grandparents in the lush highlands of Borneo! I’ll do a visual post sometime later in the week, and if you ever drop by Borneo…that is the place to visit 😀

I am already adapting to the heat and humidity here (think 38°C) so wearing a kaftan in black isn’t tooo bad on my list of ‘Borneo Wear’. Kaftans normally do not have any inner linings and is 100% cotton to allow your skin breath. Knee-length kaftans normally have slits on either side but I sewed up the sides so that I can wear it as a dress.

Kaftans are great to use from day to night. Here’s how I wear it as a day look. Fold the sleeves, and clinch a belt on your waist to give the kaftan shape! Tip: I refrain from belting right beneath my bust to create a ‘grecian’ look with this particular kaftan because it gives me a belly. Not good. Besides, a skinny belt on the waist creates a casual daytime look for the kaftan!

I am barely smiling because there were mosquitos flying around my legs and they were trying to suck me dry. Believe me, I wished mosquitos were never created during the creation of the world! Note: Mosquitos swarm after it rains.

DIY arm party! I am also selling the white wrap bracelet here if you’d like to take a look 😀

It’s now nearly 4 months (time flies so quickly!) that I’ve dip-dyed my hair in Edinburgh and even though friends have noticed that my hair is getting lighter than when I first got back to Borneo (almost 2 months) I don’t seem to notice any change.  Do you? In any case I’m still loving my hair so I’m keeping it still 😉

Though…since I’ve passed my UK Bar exams (I’m training to be a lawyer) and will be properly entering the workforce soon, I might not have the liberty of having dip-dyed hair 😦 I will be heading to London sometime in November for my Call to the Bar so if any readers are free, it’d be awesome to meet up! 😀

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! xx


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