Borneo Wear: Neon Aztec Print & DIY jewellery

So it’s been more than a month that I’ve been home in Borneo and even though I am still chilling, I have to say that time has definitely passed by very quickly! I have been doing a few personal projects at home and just soaking up the heat. Literally.

There is no surprise that I like aztec print, which has been going on for a while now. Paired with some neons, who could resist?

Tee: Motel Rocks; Shorts: Bershka; Bag: 11″ Silver Metallic satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company

As it’s so hot here on the equator, sometimes wearing too tight-fitting a top makes me cranky. I am a fan of loose, light and airy pieces especially when my skin is adapting to the heat (which it is now thankfully!). Lately I have been using more of my 11″ inch satchel too as it is such a great size for a handbag. It even looks great as a clutch!

Left to Right: DIY leather wrap bracelet, DIY spiked friendship bracelet here, DIY earrings

There is some satisfaction to be able to wear things that you’ve made. Be it jewellery or clothing, it just feels goood. As I’ve been revamping a few things lately under my “Project Revamp”, the spiked earrings is one of them! I made a different style in gold and when a friend saw it, decided that she had to have it! Here’s how she instagramed it:

I’m glad for the support of friends 😀 Being creative is a great outlet for me and even though it is more of a hobby for me I am truly humbled by the encouragement and love 😉

Have a great mid-week everyone xx


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