Borneo Wear: Sunny Tea Dress

When one lives in a hot and humid climate, the skin needs to breathe. The more skin exposed, the better. However if one lives in a country where too much skin exposure is not really advocated which is evidenced through the staring as though you are an alien or a celebrity – take your pick,  one learns other ways to keep cool while not compromising on style.

Like…a dress.

This dress was designed by a friend a few years ago, which I absolutely love and bought in 2 different colours. She then got a baby, and so selling and designing took a break 😦 As you can see, I am a petite girl barely 5’2″ (sniff) with proportions (native thighs) that I am not too happy about. So I try to wear clothing that are slimming, cooling AND evens out my proportions. Well, I try. This dress can look a bit unproportionate on me without the right adjustments so if I tie the attached ribbon slightly above my waist and not directly beneath my bust, it gives me a longer sillhoutte (or I like to think so).

Nails: DIY here

I simply love the pastel floral print! It’s not too loud, not too muted – and still a closet favourite of mine after many years. Its light cotton fabric is a win too, and the designer made sure there was a flap behind the buttons so that there are no bra flashings! How thoughtful 😀

Beaded Cuff: H&M; Studded Bracelet: DIY

If you live near the coast, you’re probably familiar with salty air. Which leaves your skin feeling a little…sticky. I normally tone down the arm party on very hot days such as this one so a big beaded cuff is always a great idea.

I am trying to post more but internet is such a drag at the moment 😦

Have a great mid-week everyone! xx


7 thoughts on “Borneo Wear: Sunny Tea Dress

  1. Hi there..
    I have one question to ask you if you dont mind. If would like to learn how to.made the sarawak beads bracelet, could you teach me pls??

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