How To Use A Nose Pore Strip?

There is no surprise that Asians come up with a lot of inventions for beauty, whether ridiculous or not. I’ve seen my fair share over the years (you will be amazed at the things people invent!) but a definite non-ridiculous invention was the pore pack. I am pretty sure this is an Asian invention because when I brought some over with me when I was studying in the UK, my European friends had never seen nor heard such a thing! You can imagine I ran out of pore packs quite quickly…

I only use these whenever I can get my hands on them but since I am back home for a while this will not be problem! I was reading around about these pore strips and found some reviewers who said it did nothing for them and that it was only superficially pulling at the pores to loosen them up.

Personally, I normally manage to take out quite a lot of gunk out of my nose’s pores but that is because I only put them on after a warmish-hot shower which is when pores open up – this makes it easier for the pore strip to pull out all that stuff!


I have tried other pore packs before but Bioré’s is the most affordable and works well. The strip is soft and flexible which is what you want in a pore strip. This is because it grips the sides of your nose better! Once you have taken off the clear film from the sticky back, slowly put it on a wet nose (which has already been cleaned – under a hot shower/steam bath). The slits allow for a better fit.

Okay so my precision isn’t that great… Another tip is to let the nose pore strip FULLY DRY! How would you know? Well, from its original soft texture to a harder texture that when you press it, it sounds like you’re cracking it. The nose pore strip will not work if you take it off while it is still soft. Also, avoid doing activities which will make your nose move. Well, you know what I mean…

My favourite part? SEEING ALL THAT BLACKHEADS!! 😀 Sorry for disgusting you guys haha! Even though the sight of it is disgusting, it is pretty satisfying (to me)! 😉

Have you tried nose strips, and what are your thoughts on them? xx


2 thoughts on “How To Use A Nose Pore Strip?

  1. I love nose strips! But I definitely prefer Asian brand ones, specifically Korean brands. I used Nesura before and now I’ve completely switched to using Ciracle. Is more like a nose patch, same shape like the one you have now. The only good thing is there’s no ripping your nose out which I find really painful sometimes when the nose strips sticks to your skin and you almost had to yank it out …ouch! The one I use will suck out all the whiteheads and blackheads…and ta-da! Painless nose patch lol. And it’s so cooling to your nose, too.

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