Project Revamp: Studding Leather!

I’ve been ‘revamping’ things around the house, and mostly jewellery because sad to say…I can’t sew nor do I have a sewing machine and ideas for revamping clothing can’t materialise 😦 Anyone care to give me a quick rendition of “Dummies Guide To Sewing”? Anyway, you can read my other “Project Revamp” posts here & here!

A while ago when I was on a food roadtrip with my friends in Peninsular Malaysia, I picked up this gorgeous laser-cut leather bracelet in the city of Ipoh. As I was cleaning one of my jewellery boxes, I saw this and thought to myself why wasn’t I wearing it anymore? Then my hands got itchy and I needed to change something…oops.

Here’s a pictorial DIY of what happened!

Of course, to be able to make this work you’ll need the necessary tools – all can be bought at your nearest craft shop or eBay!

P.S: I’m a fan of the hole-puncher, it’s SO useful! Alternatively you could always use a knife or a nail and hammer but that needs a lot of caution…

Have a great week everyone! xx


7 thoughts on “Project Revamp: Studding Leather!

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