DIY Nails: How To Use A Nail Guide Liner

So you know how nail art is all the rage now? Then you see pictures of nails with perfect lines? Such amazing skills yes?

Well, the trick to that is either you’re extremely precise OR you’ve got a cheat guide! Now nail guide liners are not all that new but weirdly enough I’ve never used them! Until that is, I found these cool beauties from the Korean brand ‘Skin Food’ for only RM3.90 / £0.80 a sheet! I wanted to do a chevron french nail – but couldn’t be bothered to do each nail so I decided to keep my nails really simple. Here’s a simple visual guide of how to use a nail guide liner!

And there you have it! I don’t exactly have nice long & slim nails/fingers so hopefully this guide isn’t bleeding your eyes with my stubby fingers 😉 In the beginning I didn’t realise that the stickers were actually really sticky to peel off and this pulled some of the paint away! That is why if you have a sticky nail liner, it’s best to tap it on your finger a few times to take the stickiness away. That said, nothing like a top coat can’t fix 😉 A top coat helps smoothen out lines besides protecting your nails!

I’ve been reworking a few pieces of jewellery, etc. and giving them a new look – DIY is so much fun! I’ll share them with you very soon 😀 Have a great week ahead! xx


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