Olympics: Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei, Please Don’t Cry

If you watched the Badminton finals at the London Olympics 2012 yesterday, it was between Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei and China’s Lin Dan. Malaysia’s man played a great game, but unfortunately lost the gold by a small margin to Lin Dan. He looked so heartbroken on the podium, and when he tweeted “I’m sorry” on his personal Twitter after – it just opened the floodgates for comfort.

An ESPN commentator, in reference to Lee Chong Wei’s strength of character:

Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts

So here’s my comfort poster for him, made with an awesome mobile app:

Feel better!

Thought of the Day: Do Olympians competing at the Olympics owe everything they do to the whole nation, and should people have a right to be upset when they do not get the higly-sought Gold Medal?


3 thoughts on “Olympics: Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei, Please Don’t Cry

  1. I felt so sad for him! It’s definitely disappointing when an athlete doesn’t win, but they don’t owe it to their country, I mean it takes great talent and discipline to even get on the podium of the Olympics, the people have a right to be sad but definitely not because the athlete *should* have won it for them.

    • I know what you mean! I felt so sorry for him, and it got me annoyed when people were getting upset that he lost again. Even another friend said “serves him right, he drives a ferrari but the dad drives a proton” – which was just as bad as those blaming him for his loss, I mean it has nothing to do whatsoever for his game playing +_+

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