Making Moustaches For Charity In Slovenia!

Top: Warehouse; Shorts: DIY (read here)

I am thankful for having amazing friends and on Saturday one of them suggested a day trip to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It’s only an hour’s drive away from Trieste, Italy and as it is part of the EU, one doesn’t need to show their passport at the border which makes for a quick drive.

It was blistering hot in Slovenia that day (35-40 degrees), and not much shade in the city. There was this fantastic art market in one of the squares and there was this booth making moustaches! It was for a charity to raise money for unprivileged children who cannot afford food at school, books, etc. You can visit the charity here, and see other fellow moustaches too!

Here are the photos that are up on its website:

My two Italian friends and I had so much fun – even if I didn’t really know what I was making! I used pink nail polish and silver diamantes to give the moustache a bit of glam. What do you think?

…and it seems that my ‘glam moustache’ was quite a hit with the others too 😀 :

I am currently back in the UK now, and will be blogging more. Good luck to the next WFBC’s Blog Of The Month! Also, thank you to the lovely bloggers who have nominated this blog for some lovely awards! I am very grateful 😀


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