Stella McCartney Is Offering Scholarships For Budding Designers

The designer’s company is offering scholarships to budding MA Fashion designers on the basis of ‘academic excellence and financial need’ to pursue their dreams at Central Saint Martins, the same university Stella McCartney studied at. This scholarship is not limited to just home and EU students, but to international students as well! The scholarship also includes a paid one-year placement at Stella McCartney, which would provide that extra boost of support before launching yourself in the world of fashion.

As someone who is for non-cruelty against animals, Stella McCartney has expressed that the winning scholars not use fur, leather or products that harm animals in their university projects.

I’ve always liked Stella McCartney’s collections as they’re very practical pieces of clothing. If you are able to get as many wears from a piece of clothing, isn’t it worth your money?

There are many times when I wish that I never started my tertiary education in law. If I have a less-asian parent who is less intense than the author of “Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother“, I’d be more certain of my career choice in life. Currently, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I’d be doing in 5 years’ time. If I had the choice now, I would pursue something more creative than law. However, I am thankful for where I have gotten to and who knows. A budding designer with a legal background, taking over the legal world of boring fashion with better style 😉 (NO MORE UNFLATTERING WIGS!)

Oh well, as long as I can wear something like this to work I’m okay with it 😉 Perhaps?

Stella McCartney Ready-To-Wear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Good luck if you’ve applied, or are applying for this scholarship!

♥ Much Love! ♥


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