DIY: Chunky Paperclip Bracelet

I wrote about this DIY a while back before Cinnamon Spring was born, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to share it to my new readers here!

I’m pretty sure you’ve tried making paperclip bracelets, yes? No?

Well, here’s a fun and simple DIY if you have some extra paperclips to spare!

What you need:

  • Paperclips! I had some bronze coloured ones.
  • Buttons or charms
  • Jumprings (the small rings)
  • Clasps (I used a lobster clasp)
  • Pliers (to attach the jumpring to the paperclip & clasp)


  • Link the paperclips!
  • I made sure once the paperclip was linked, that it hung from the pointy bit.
  • I used between 2-4 paperclips for each rung to give it the chunky effect!
  • I had 7 rungs of paperclips (3 in each rung) to make the bracelet, according to my wrist size.
  • Take a plier and attach a jumpring to both ends of the bracelet.
  • Attach one lobster clasp to one end.
  • Attach more jumprings to the other end, so that you have an extendable chain!
  • Attach a button (like I did), or a charm to the end of that extendable chain to finish the bracelet off!

You are now done!

Stack your paperclip bracelets to have an awesome arm party!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY 😀

Let me know if you have any paperclip bracelet/necklace stories, I’d love to know!

♥ Much Love! ♥


9 thoughts on “DIY: Chunky Paperclip Bracelet

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