Chan Luu Inspired Bracelet!

As I’m no longer in Bar school, I have more time on my hands. Ever since I knew about these beautiful Chan Luu wrap bracelets, I have been lusting for them but they are wayy out of my budget sadly 😦 So I decided to make my own Chan Luu-inspired bracelets!

Over the weekend I bought some leather cords from this amazing leather stall which is manned by this (in his own words) ‘hilarious and incredibly wise man who served an astonishingly beautiful lawyer‘ who goes by the name of David Nash and writes a blog! Haha! Do check him out if you visit the Sunday Market on Newcastle’s Quayside! So I decided to try my hand at the coveted Chan Luu wrap bracelets and I am so pleased it turned out well! 😀 Here’s how it turned out:

When I finished this bracelet and realised that it was quite pretty AND wearable – I began to feel really, really happy for some weird reason. I think it’s the fact that I managed to make something I have been dying to get – and it feels sooo good! I do like feeling accomplished, even if it’s for my own use 😉 Now I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a Chan Luu bracelet, when I can just make my own personalised ones  😀

Have you ever made something that made you feel extremely satisfied and proud with yourself? Tell me, I’d love to know!

♥ Much love! ♥


2 thoughts on “Chan Luu Inspired Bracelet!

  1. Dear Cinnamon (?), when I got home today from my fabulous leather stall I found my wife crying with laughter at your description of me as an ‘HILARIOUS AGED MAN’ !
    I felt like my heart had been sliced through by the word ‘AGED’ ( pronounced Ay jed meaning ANCIENT !!!!! ) like a hot knife cuts through butter !
    I am only 43 years old….plus a few months… 240 months ! Still, the pain WAS intense !
    So, as I have family and friends very high up in the London Barrister scene I might consider having you struck off for ‘unkindness’ if there is such action available unless…..
    1. You send me your written promise that ‘aged’ was meant to read ‘suave and sophisticated’! and…
    2. You stop criticising your forehead and hips because, quite frankly, looking at your graduation photos, you are simply one of the world’s most beautiful women !
    Seriously though, I laughed out loud and have put your words out on Facebook !
    All the best for your legal and design careers !
    Kindest Regards, David Nash…The Hilarious Aged Man.

    • Dear David,

      I am so very sorry for causing you much grief over the fact that you’re only 43 + 240 months young!! I have edited the post to mention that ‘aged’ means ‘suave and sophisticated’! I hope you are happier at this? Also, thank you for your very kind words on my forehead and hips so I will try very hard to love them even though it’s very hard to! I do miss your fabulous leather stall with you being so fantastically hilarious, I hope you + the stall all the best and more laughs all around! 😀

      A happy customer,

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