Woven Chain Bracelet for Monday’s Arm Party

Bracelets:  (L-R) Woven chain bracelet, Single gold bracelet, Rhinestone bracelet, Leather studded bracelet. 

The arm party that I am donning has bracelets that are handmade by me! Well, except for the single rhinestone bracelet which is from Urban Outfitters. There is something oddly satisfying in making something which is actually wearable 😀

I’ve always wanted to try how to make a woven chain bracelet, which was popping up everywhere since last year.

I tried it once before and failed miserably! 😦 It made me frustrated so I just left it aside for a good few weeks. Then, I decided to give it a second try last night and this is how the process looked like:

My 2nd time attempting the woven chain bracelet worked! The trick is to always go from under the chain! 😀

I can’t wait to try out more colour designs, this is going to be so fun 😉 Have you tried this before? I’d love to know! In the meantime…back to studying for my LAST Bar exam on Wednesday! I can’t wait to partyyyy!

Have a great Bank Holiday to those in UK!

♥ Much love! ♥


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