DIY Nails: Jubilee Nails

It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!


  • Don’t forget to start off with one layer of base coat!
  • Firstly, paint one stripe of red in the middle of each nail.
  • Then paint one stripe of blue on either side of the red stripe (blue – red – blue).
  • Wait for the nails to dry, then paint one horizontal red stripe across the nails so it looks like a red cross.
  • To paint the white thin stripes, pour out a blob of white polish onto a piece of paper.
  • Use a nail tool or skewer stick (anything with a small tip to ‘draw’) and dip it onto the blob of polish.
  • You will need to paint inside the blue squares!
  • Make three stripes! One along each red stripe to give it an edge, and one in the middle! This is a bit difficult to describe, so you can see what I mean from the nails.
  • Wait for it all to dry, then apply a layer of top coat! Tadaaa! You have Jubilee nails! 😀

The edgy side to the Queen 😉

I didn’t make this collage, but saw it in the portfolio of one of the many fashion design students of the design school opposite my law school. I found it to be a brilliant collage: ‘modernising’ the Queen who, in her own ways, is pretty darn cool. She is just such a lovable person, she’s 86 years old and still reigning strong!

I’m not actually out celebrating the Jubilee because I have my last bar exam next Wednesday, which was postponed because the UK is having not one, but TWO bank holidays!! That means the Queen has given the UK a holiday for Monday AND Tuesday! Totally awesome – and I get more time to revise. Yes!

Before I get back to my studying, have a lovely weekend to all in the UK and even the cupcakes are celebrating!

These are the yummylicious red velvet cupcakes from Johnny’s Cupcakes in Eldon Square, Newcastle.


Have a great weekend everybody, and I will get down to replying and visiting lovely readers when I am done next Wednesday!

♥ Much love! ♥


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